Hollywood Movie Money Deal 2012 - National 2 for 1

About this Deal

The next time your sweetheart says, “Let’s go out to dinner and see a movie,” you can exclaim "Yes!" with a little extra enthusiasm. Because you've got a Hollywood Movie Money® Certificate valid for up to $26 total—and you scored it for just 13 bucks from Half Off Depot.

Choose from a wide selection of participating local theaters. From summer blockbusters to romantic comedies to quirky indie flicks, the film world is your oyster with this fantastic Hollywood Movie Money® deal.

Just imagine what you could do with the $13 you’re saving with this deal? We recommend re-investing it in in a family-sized box of Milk Duds, tub of popcorn or comically oversized soda. Happy date night!

Discount codes are not valid for this offer.

Prices for regular adult admission average $10 per person. Ticket prices vary by region and theater, and today's deal is valid for tickets to any participating theater. Participating theaters are subject to change.
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