Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

About this Deal

Fill up for your health

We all like to sit around and complain that we need caffeine to take on the oh-so-hard task of sitting on our expanding backsides and typing for eight hours. "Oh no," we say. "Don't talk to me about that spreadsheet until I've had my 4-cup French press!" Do you know who thinks you should STFU? Mario. Link. Other heroes who are busting their tails in the wild to rescue princesses and save the world. Think of them next time you complain about being bored in a meeting.

The Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug is here to remind you that filling up on health is easy for you. You don't need to adventure to find pieces of heart. You just walk up to the Caffeinated Potion Machine and pour yourself a fresh cup of wake-me-up. Done and done. Watch as the heat-sensitive ink turns the sad black heart into a healthy, full red one. Now you're ready to tackle the Big Boss. (Just don't stomp on his head like last time, okay?)

Product Specifications

Fill with a hot beverage to fill your red heart of health
Image made of thermo-graphic inks that react to heat
As beverage cools, the heart goes back to low-life (mostly black)
Holds 12.8 ounces of your life-inducing hot beverage of choice
Materials: Porcelain
Dimensions: 3.8" x 3.2" x 5"
Important: Hand-wash only, do not microwave. Heat-changing ink cannot withstand heat beyond the level of a cup of tea or coffee.
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