12-Pack Horizon Women's Mix & Match No-Show Socks

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What's the matter?
bethkay Nov 01, 2012
Cute, but I'm not sure I want mismatched socks ;0)
xptrish Nov 01, 2012
Hmm,wondering if my daughter would mind that none of them match? Lol guess its a new trend.
helloamy1977 Oct 31, 2012
Does anyone realize that this is for 12 individual socks which would make 6 pairs of cute but mismatched socks???
rockinnrolla Oct 31, 2012
OMG I never relized that! Thanks for pointing it out!
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helloamy1977 Oct 31, 2012
yes they used the sneaky word pack that amazon sometimes uses
Dexterous Oct 30, 2012
12 pairs for half price is awesome
shopange08 Oct 30, 2012
I like wearing low-profile socks for my workouts.. Mine are starting to wear thin--thanks for sharing!
Jazmine_ilene Oct 30, 2012
I love socks. This is an awesome deal
poe601 Oct 30, 2012
Awesome deal for a 12 pack, great stocking stuffers!
ukaran Oct 30, 2012
12 pack fantastic offer and nice deal
YesBoss Oct 30, 2012
Nice Find, Looks Very Good Price For 12 Pack .
ancagavs Oct 30, 2012
an excellent price drop. nice find and thank you for sharing.
abcgirl Oct 29, 2012
The socks are my style which look so cute. My favorite.
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solucky Oct 30, 2012
Really nice price drop/
blackfoot Oct 29, 2012
Good price for all these socks. Mine get lost all the time.
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vocablo Oct 29, 2012
The socks looks so lovely! Got 10.
joelindeer Oct 29, 2012
pretty and perfect!
naturaldeal Oct 29, 2012
these 12 packs of socks are pretty and perfect for me
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tpark6283 Oct 29, 2012
Love crazy patterns...especially in the winter :) Nice find!
shimisi Oct 29, 2012
Less than 50 cents for a pair of socks? Nice deal!
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dealwagger Nov 12, 2012
No kidding, the best I see is about $1 a pair, and they aren't as fun!
FibroMom Oct 29, 2012
LOTS of Socks to choose from at a FANTASTIC PRICE! Another chance fro me to use my "Shop Your Way Max"! (I think they are regretting letting ME have a 3 month trial!) ;) Thanks so much for the GREAT Deal! :)
kimeeb Oct 29, 2012
Great dela for stocking stuffers. Thank you for posting. :)
dvinegrace83 Oct 29, 2012
definitely a good deal! i have no idea where all my socks go every year! lol
rockinnrolla Oct 29, 2012
The washer eats them! :P
ancagavs Oct 30, 2012
I know what you mean. it's like they just disappear ...
arsiel Oct 29, 2012
You and your sock deals! :P Great price for so many socks but they're not made of cotton at all! :/

Fabric: 70% acrylic, 20% nylon, 10% spandex
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rockinnrolla Oct 29, 2012
I knew you would comment on this one! You LOVE your socks too! :P
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arsiel Oct 29, 2012
Hahaha, I do. x) I particularly like them when they're made of cotton though!
glwrks Oct 29, 2012
Awesome price and great for me, cuz I can never decide on which pattern for, say a 2-3 pk;)
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ancagavs Oct 30, 2012
yeah, I'm with you...undecided :)
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