Adult Angry Birds Snood Hat

$3.00 price drop
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What's the matter?
erick99 Feb 25, 2013
I love the game though am amazed at how much Angry Birds material is out there.
deby32953 Feb 25, 2013
Great deal but my son already has 1 of each! And he wears them! (13 yr old!)
seanvcxz Feb 25, 2013
I wish I thought of the angry bird app. They have so many products now it's nuts.
boricua1 Feb 25, 2013
I'm gonna get this for my boy..great price..he'll love it
FibroMom Feb 25, 2013
Too cute! Such a great price - going to put some away for stocking stuffers for next Christmas! Thanks! :)
alecupope Feb 25, 2013
awesome. it's a different kind of hat, so I like it.
alecupope Feb 25, 2013
the shipping is very good too. it's very attractive.
rockinnrolla Feb 25, 2013
This hat is super rad! I know a few people who would love it! :D
alecupope Feb 25, 2013
I am one of them. looks awesome ...
zoneric Feb 25, 2013
I like a hat like this one. it's cool to wear one.
ancagavs Feb 25, 2013
I've seen a hat like this one before on amazon I think. it was on amazon. they look very nice.
zoneric Feb 25, 2013
I have seen one too. they are so cool.
dvinegrace83 Feb 24, 2013
omg my son isa angry bird fanatic!
zoneric Feb 25, 2013
I'm a huge fan too. and I love this hat.
bbattag Feb 18, 2013
These kinda hats are awesome for little kids. They love them
zoneric Feb 25, 2013
they are cool for grown up too. I'd wear it :D
bbattag Feb 25, 2013
@zoneric - lol. True. Id wear one!