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What's the matter?
primo2424 May 11, 2007
I had one of these cards, and it died on me in about two months.

I dont know if it was me, or if it was a faulty card.

Just putting my two cents in on this brand
crankwanker May 10, 2007
pretty good deal... but like johng333 said, it's all about speed. i would suggest getting this A-DATA Turbo SD Card 150X 1GB only $15.50 (shipped free).
Eve15 May 09, 2007
price drop: $10.95 free shipping
jutgreen Apr 11, 2007
Price Update: $11.95 w/ free shipping
mattg52391 Feb 16, 2007
Very Cheap great deal
Flaminfire Feb 09, 2007
50 cents price drop
johng333 Jan 23, 2007
speed does matter. this is a 50x card. A 150x card is about double, $18. Still great deal

Difference is waiting 20 to 30 seconds between snapping digital photos or waiting 1 -2 seconds. A lot can happen in 30 seconds when shooting photos of kids, sporting events , family functions, etc...

Althought 30 seconds seems short to say, try it. Say CLICK, count to 30, say CLICK, count to 30, do it 5 times. Then try with 1 second intervals.

Speed important? Not if you painting a portrait, but in digital photography, downloading or uploading music, uploading downloading maps, then yes... yes it is very important.
venkateshnt Jan 03, 2007
Is it a reliable SD Card how about the Writing and Reading speed specifications?
coupcoup Jan 03, 2007
I believe it is not a high speed card. But it is still a good deal.

They also have A-DATA SD Card 2GB for $20.95.
Flaminfire Jan 03, 2007
With speeds as fast as they are today, are high speeds noticable?
coupcoup Jan 03, 2007
No rebate and free shipping make this deal sweet. Good finding.