(Hurry California!) Starting 9/15: Law Ends Tax-Free Shopping at Amazon

If you haven't already heard, California law has ended tax-free shopping for amazon shoppers in California.

Starting midnight tonight, amazon shoppers in California will have to pay sales tax on most items bought through amazon.com. That means you only have hours left to make those purchases you were putting off!

Don't miss out on tax free TV's, furniture & more:

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What's the matter?
tc1uscg Sep 16, 2012
Stupid law. Don't they realize they are ONLY hurting Amazon.Com. I'll just buy my stuff from other websites/sellers that ship from overseas and avoid paying tax on merchandise not produced in Californa but from a place that has no brick and mortor there.
newjerseychickxo Sep 15, 2012
My #1 favorite place to shop. Thanks for sharing:)
pat1679 Sep 15, 2012
Amazon will charge tax on only items which are being sold by Amazon. There are 70% of products sold by others and only fulfilled by Amazon. They won't be charging tax in some cases. So don't worry much.
tc1uscg Sep 16, 2012
kimeeb Sep 15, 2012
Wonder when Mass will jump on the band wagon. I love tax free shopping at amazon.
johng333 Sep 15, 2012
It is not tax free. You owe the tax, it is your responsibility to report it on your state income tax or directly as sales tax.

The change in CA is that Amazon is now collecting it for CA instead of letting CA residents report their own tax. If you aren't paying tax on your Amazon purchases, you committing tax fraud.
tc1uscg Sep 16, 2012
Then John, are you saying Californa is breaking federal law by requiring me to pay taxes on duty free items? Example, a iPhone 4S 16gb has a processing fee of 2.00 and the phone is 650.00. So, you think California has a right to collect taxes on that cost? According to federal tax laws on duty free, nope. And I have no obligation to report it. Maybe Amazon should tell California to collect tax themselves. Guess it's time to go back to Ebay.
dddsss Sep 15, 2012
What a mistake for CA local stores and people needing to save money. Now amazon is opening many distribution centers in state, which will allow same day shipping, which has been shown to increase amazon sales.
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MrBklynW Sep 14, 2012
Awesome, good to know. Thanks acarone!
lionking20 Sep 14, 2012
Amazon bumped up the price of the LG7600 by around 240$ which i had in cart during the time i went to get my dinner :( ,i guess i will wait for thanksgiving for a good deal on TVs and yes will pay tax on it
dvinegrace83 Sep 14, 2012
UGH NO!! that's one of the things that i looove about amazon! don't take it away waaah!!
kffight3r Sep 14, 2012
just bought a Cannon T4i, some chritmas gifts, a bunch of watches, and another guitar from Amazon. This tax thing basically made me buy everything all at once
audiocracy Sep 14, 2012
Quick! Everyone buy a lifetime supply of pianos before it's too late!
aznballa161 Sep 14, 2012
great for california residents. love tax free!
shoppergal Sep 14, 2012
It is not Amazon that is doing this. For business reasons, Amazon opposes this increase as much as the buyers. Amazon does not get to keep the taxes; They only see less sales/less incoming revenue as a result of a higher final item cost.

Internet taxation is from the State legislatures: CA and TX, and who knows who is next.
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toast Sep 14, 2012
Thanks for the reminder. Pretty much helped me decide to pull the trigger and make the purchases I was teetering on.
dddsss Sep 15, 2012
but don't they charge you when items ship? so if it ships on or after the 15th, taxes will apply?
toast Sep 18, 2012
It shipped just this morning and no taxes were applied. You had me worried for a minute there!
nomogo Sep 14, 2012
Since amazon is in Washington, we have always had to pay sales tax.
So, no change here.
nimase85 Sep 14, 2012
Glad I don't live in California sometimes I buy things from amazon just because it is tax free so I hope this doesn't happen to VA
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maven3 Sep 14, 2012
Tecnically, we all still owe taxes on Amazon purchases already. "residents are supposed to calculate their obligation and send it directly to the state. But fewer than 1 percent do, according to the Franchise Tax Board."

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Dexterous Sep 14, 2012
Few weeks ago it was in Texas too.