Slim-Fast! 3-2-1 Ready To Drink, 10 Ounce (Pack of 8)

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Rich Chocolate Royale and Creamy Milk Chocolate available for $8.98.
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What's the matter?
gangstabarbie Jul 01, 2012
Don't know how this taste. Looks like a delicious shake :)
taratstock Jul 01, 2012
Wow!! Great price on this ~ nice find!!
Dexterous Jul 01, 2012
great price for this slim, nice find
akaricke Jul 01, 2012
If each serving has 10 grams of protein that makes 40 calories from the protein.
What accounts for the other 140 to 150 calories?
Oil and sugar.
First part of the ingredient list "Fat Free Milk, Water, Sugar, Cocoa (processed with Alkali), Canola Oil,"
Not sure how they call this a "slimming shake"
preppykid Jun 30, 2012
this is a steal, great find!
monalizaaa Jun 30, 2012
cool price
rd995 Jun 30, 2012
looks like a good price i think i seen this in the store for around 10
mnvikings11 Jun 30, 2012
I got mine for free with my GC since it was under $10.
MdavidK30 Jun 30, 2012
Not bad... tempting...
iamasexymonster Jun 30, 2012
THartz606 Jun 30, 2012
It stinks that the only 2 on sale for the $8 and change is the chocolate ones. I'm not too big of a fan of chocolate in diet shakes, but the others available are 14 almost $15. I might have to still give it a shot I might just like it in this. Thanks for sharing this deal. :)
ArtemisDeals Jun 30, 2012
I really like the chocolate ones poured over ice. Makes it more like a malt :) If you are already going to get them maybe this might help a little bit :)
THartz606 Jun 30, 2012
I'll have to try that. Thanks for the tip! :)
deal Jun 30, 2012
Great deal especially when you clip the $2 coupon.. nice find ragingwookie.. i am in .. never hurts to lose a few pounds for the summer.. or during the summer.. hehehe =]