AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Windsor 3.0GHz 2 x 1MB L2 Cache Socket AM2 Processor

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What's the matter?
azuelke Jun 13, 2008
Just my luck, $8 more 2 days after I bought the 5000+.
elliewix Jun 10, 2008
I've always been in the AMD camp....maybe it's from being around in 2000 or so on computers, but now I've started to lean back toward Intel.

Anyone else for AMD?
rickwagner50 Jun 10, 2008
I was an AMD fanboy for years, ever since the K6 socket 7 CPU's. However, when Intel's Core 2 Duo CPU's came out that changed. I now have Intel in 4 out of 5 family PC's. They destroy AMD for performance and value. I sure hope AMD can turn things around - competition is a good thing for us!
tehk1w1 Jun 10, 2008
What he said.

With the Quad Cores, Intel is blowing away AMD. They may be more expensive, but the performance is outstanding compared to AMD's.
erichoangnguyen Jun 13, 2008
I used to be an amd fan for a long time. I built so many systems for my friends using amd cpu. Core 2 Duo changes everything. However, I still like amd for their price/performance ratio. At 75 dollar for a amd x2 6000+ is a bargain. It's good to build a budget gaming system using amd.
Jun 10, 2008
tehk1w1 Jun 10, 2008
Great CPU for a great price. I think this normally retails for around 150 or so.
bossusa May 13, 2007
Price Drop $229.99
Breex243 Apr 10, 2007
bad link, but i'm glad to see that it's alive again. these 6000+s sold out in mere hours after the AMD price cuts were initiated.
Breex243 Apr 10, 2007
link is back up again!
nimrodboy3 Apr 10, 2007
Alive again with a price drop down to $239.
pooper13 Apr 09, 2007
Great CPU, I have a similar one and it runs really cool.
wilsonwa Apr 08, 2007
Great Combo. Would make one mean machine.