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A Deal is updated to share credit and credit is not shared.

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Another concern I would like to point out. Hypothetically speaking, I updated Yesboss' deal as I should because it was already posted so I added a new expiry date. Another MM recreated that same deal and got handpicked and now that deal is on FP. I wrote a comment to saying duplicate and Admin asked me to make an edit on the deal so that I can get credit for it. 1. I rightfully updated another Mm's deal, hence credit is to be split 50/50 as that deal already exist. Why is it that Yesboss and I would no longer be sharing credit because I was told to update the one on FP?. 2. Shouldn't the one on FP be removed and the updated deal be promoted as it was updated 1st and credit shared between both MMs?. How is such situation, of which, I have seen occurred many times be treated? Why should that MM lose credit ( of which we should share together) because I was told to update the one on FB? Or is the credit still being shared?
stewartcherek (L3) posted Mar 22, 2021


Complicated situation, but generally speaking,
- Admin will ask you to update FP deals when there is no other MMs involved and/or the offer has been promoted to another marketing channel: the general users are always our top priority

- As you've mentioned, if possible, admins will buy FP deal and front updated deal > so that most recently involved MMs can share new credit.

- To eliminate/minimize situations like this, we are promoting a new rule: moving forward admins will support Update offer instead of New (regardless of submitted time)

- Some MM may (or will) take advantage of this^ rule and intentionally start updating old/expired deals & sales that are on FP > admin will consider suspending the account.

- Often admins detect dup deal between admin's post vs MMs post - we usually bury admins post & promote MMs (this happens a lot on coupon side, too)

- Hypothetically speaking, if this happened to Yesboss, and the deal that we ended up promoting performs really well, admins, sometimes, try to make it up by promoting other deals posted by Yesboss. (In addition to promoting deals with a good history, high number of views, clicks, votes and share) - Since he posts a lot of good deals, it's not difficult to find one to promote.

Admins will continue to do their best to make the best decision possible to benefit general users as well as all involved MMs.

Thank you

Notbad (L5) posted Mar 22, 2021


Understood👍. Great explanation @Notbad

stewartcherek (L3) posted Mar 22, 2021


Hello can add the following

give Chereka reason in the scenario that an existing expired or old agreement vs. the creation of a new one is updated. If the MM update the old one first. The most logical thing is that the one that was updated is alive. And if the admin asks to update the new deal created the one that must earn 100% credits was the MM that updated the existing one, whether or not it was a friend of the other MM.

The other scenario that there are 2 or more similar expired offers that were updated, the MM that updates first is the one that must have 50% credits with the original creator.

In this case, if admin decides to suggest that it update the promoted deal, the other MM of the offer that was updated first must not earn credits, but the OP from which it is requested to update yes in view of the already expired or old offers.

I don't know if I can explain myself well.

BurnsE (L4) posted Mar 22, 2021


@BurnsE I agree and I understand what you are saying:).

stewartcherek (L3) posted Mar 22, 2021