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A lot of duplicate deals?

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Is it just me or does it seem like there have been a lot of Dup deals getting though lately. I realize we can all make a mistake at times but it seems like the same people keep posting dups. For example on the right side of freebies where a few of the deals are shown, the same deal is there 2 times. One post the day before the other one. Are people just ignoring when they get warned its a Dup when posting or not checking it before they post. I admit I've posted Dup deals before by accident and when told I expire it. It doesn't seem fair that a deal gets posted a 2 or 3 time and the Dup gets higher pulses. How do others feel about this.
nskcsf posted Jun 09, 2011

Not all deals get a "dupe warning" because the links may not match.
Unfortunately. checking does NOT always guarantee being the 1st.

Did anyone notice the checker drops $ signs and dashes?

Fear not! Your concern has been noted. ;)

omegafemale (rep: 214k) posted Jun 09, 2011


It seems to go in spurts we have very little duplicates and then we have several and the funniest ones are the deals that were on the front page or are currently on the front page with the same picture and all! How do you miss them? I am not even sure if it is possible as when you open it takes you to the front page!!

I just don't know anymore about anything..People are interesting :)

branie (rep: 129k) posted Jun 09, 2011


I post duplicates often not trying to. It wastes my time posting them. Sometimes even with the search it does not come up. Then the next thing I know a comment in the comment section of my deal is someone saying sorry, dupe. lol

akaricke (rep: 161k) posted Jun 09, 2011


Happens to me all the time I search and dont see it post and bam someone is posting on it saying Dupe

carpediem (rep: 3.8k) posted Jun 10, 2011