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A real message vs. a scam?

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How do you know an email is a spam or real message?
mdgirl posted Jan 19, 2011

usually the heading is a good indicator..if it sounds too probably is. you most likely didn't win the lottery..nor did you receive free tickets for airfare..

the email address of the sender...if it doesn't look like a @gmail or @hotmail...or something else probably isn't..

the message itself...bad grammar usually indicates something fishy..but that depends on your friends, i guess..

links links link...if you see a message that has a link..don't click it right away before thinking. usually scams try to get you to click a link. don't do it.or sometimes if you hover over the link you can see the url address..if it looks just might be fishy..

greeting...if it's a legit email..they usually refer to you by name..but in many's more addressed to sir ..or m'aam...something like that..and if the email comes from a friend's email account..look at how they greet you..usually your friends will say hi to you with just your first name...not your full name..and out for the links..

good luck..

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Jan 19, 2011


units..check out the units in the email..a lot of times you see money that's not in the dollar value..stuff like that. height in cm rather than feet and inches..all that stuff.

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Jan 19, 2011

DealsPlus User


Never response to any email message sent to you unless you
have actually contacted that company and done business
with the company and especially https:// most be present
when placing an order and the secure lock symbol.

Its best to research the business emailing you for problems
and complaints and if you want to visit the company's
website type it in google search.

AnonymousAnonymous (new user) posted Jan 29, 2011