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Affordable and Unique Oil Paintings!

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Ok,people...I'm an artist who just recently launched my own website. I paint with oil on several panels of canvas that make up one, large idea. Please, come check out my work. Also, may I ask you, if it is not too much of a bother for anyone to PLEASE if you can "LIKE" my offers to increase my reputation with dealsplus or I soon will not be able to offer special deals on my works to reach you, nice people. Thanks, Kristina
vitalik82 posted Dec 18, 2010

are there any coupons available? like - new customers save 5% or something - coupons/discounts ALWAYS help. ;)

omegafemale (rep: 214k) posted Jan 11, 2011


Your artwork is beautiful! Have you thought about submitting a deal to (or similar website)? You might take a loss (say, you offer $60 credit for $20-$30) but it would be a wonderful way to reach a ton of people, especially if it's featured on the front page of It is hard to take a loss on art/crafts, I sell some of my own pieces as well, and have been debating whether or not this is a wise way to go about reaching potential customers. Good luck, you are very talented!!

Beautifulminds (rep: 2.5k) posted Jan 16, 2011