Q: Alerts notifications - where did it go ???

Could anyone help - after the update I can no longer find  where i can add alert email notification for a product I want to buy and also remove old stuff  - but after the "update" I can no longer find where to do that - could anyone help?

Mucho thnx
tooneutral posted May 31, 2013
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- got it - it is to the right - not a menu item but below it to the righ, top, a yellow box that says SUBSCRIBE....
tooneutral (rep: 87) posted May 31, 2013
tooneutral - I can't even find that :-(
minamesk (rep: 3.33k) posted Jun 01, 2013
I have an alert for paper towels so I know it works but I can't find it on the home page either. Odd.
erick99 (rep: 23.7k) posted Jun 01, 2013
I sent a msg to the mods asking where the alert went.
erick99 (rep: 23.7k) posted Jun 01, 2013
Hi folks - thanks for the feedback - type whatever you are looking for into the search bar and hit enter. On the result page there should be window about 4 x 4 cm it says SUBSCRIBE - that's it. Not sure why the dealsplus.com folks decided to rename and everything around, the old version was much better.....oh well...
tooneutral (rep: 87) posted Jun 03, 2013
Thank you tooneutral - that does work. Nothing intuitive about it and not sure how a new person would figure it out without tripping over it.
erick99 (rep: 23.7k) posted Jun 03, 2013
Has this since disappeared? I cannot find any "Subscribe" button on my search results page :(
hellocomments (rep: 2) posted Mar 17, 2014
Looks like the alert management is completely gone even though the old alerts work - It used to be here:

This was the single most useful feature of the site - deals catered to your needs. Why remove something that has been working so well - the alerts making you come back to the site periodically - at least once every day. Hope they bring back the keyword alerts.
kannan (rep: 18) posted Jul 06, 2014
really kills the whole purpose of this page, can no longer find it either. bummer. oh well, let's hope fatwallet has it...
tooneutral (rep: 87) posted Oct 02, 2014
would really like to change some of my alerts... they did say earlier that they were going to work on it. would really love it if you could have our alerts appear (on a page or tab) on the site, so we didn't have to get them in our email.
dddsss (rep: 14.8k) posted Oct 15, 2014
@dddsss There is a small red circle with a white exclamation point that appears next to your username when you have a notification. Are you talking about seeing the actual full notification text on the site as you're browsing?
tr1plication (DealsPlus mod) posted Oct 16, 2014
@tr1plication I think @dddsss means the alerts on a specific item on sale.

For example, I have in today's email "Deal Alert for chromecast" with this link: http://dealsplus.com/Electronics_deals/p_tv-supercombo-package-changhong-40-1080p-led-hdtv?r=ed

YET...at the end of that email I have the option of:
Click this link to Unsubscribe.
Click this link to Manage your alerts.

When I click on option 2 I get this page: http://dealsplus.com/user/glwrks/stores

I'd really like to add "items" and "Manage" my alerts for what I'm shopping for currently, especially as my Christmas shopping list is taking shape;)
glwrks (rep: 122k) posted Oct 16, 2014
@glwrks, that is exactly what I meant. I didn't even think to look for those links in the email, but guess they don't work anyway.

@tr1plication I have made that suggestion a few times. I think it would be so great. Like a feed on-site of all the alerts we have set. pop up alerts would be great too, so you can get on the deal ASAP. But at the least I would love a page that shows the deals and coupons that we're most interested in. That would be the page I would look at first rather than the front page, most of the time.

what a great service that would be to find deals on the stuff you really want or need.
dddsss (rep: 14.8k) posted Oct 19, 2014
So DealsPlus has destroyed the most useful features just to implement a new look? I don't see the keyword alerts anywhere.
curryk (noob) posted Nov 30, 2014
I hate that I can't get alerts either, let's all email them until they put it back
achaber07 (rep: 5) posted Jan 05, 2016