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Amazon Black Friday Malfunction

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I have been trying to purchase "Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad" since it went on sale at 3:00PM EST, Like every trampoline deal they put up, it was sold out before the "Add to Cart" button appeared, but I managed to get on the wait list. The malfunction was when it finally gave me the 2.5 minute opportunity to purchase it, the Add to Cart button refused to do anything! The seconds just kept merrily counting down until they reached zero, when I was informed that my time to take the offer had run out.
Making it even more aggravating, I was able to immediately re-join the wait list as soon as the countdown expired, and repeat the same frustrating experience about every 16 minutes. It's now more than 2 hours after the deal first appeared, and I'm on the same wait list for about the 9th time. I tried different browsers, refreshing the page, and nothing works. Seems like a total scam to me - something I don't usually associate with Amazon.
I sent Amazon a complaint, not that it will do me any good for this deal.
fluffy (L4) posted Nov 29, 2013

You can find many cheap things in there

bbbaby (L0) posted Dec 04, 2013


Yes,I agree!

ybabybaby (L1) posted Dec 12, 2013