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Amazon MP3 Credit Caution

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I recently took advantage of both the Amazon Local $3 MP3 credit voucher and the $2 HEARTMP3 MP3 credit promo code. The full $5.00 total credit appeared in my account, and I used all but 3 cents of the $3 code, which was set to expire on 7/12. The HEARTMP3 credit was supposed to be good until 7/23. On 7/13 I found my MP3 credit balance was 3 cents instead of $2. The wrong credit expired!
I sent an online inquiry to Amazon, but they missed the point, saying that the HEARTMP3 credit was used for my recent purchases. When I clicked the response link saying that my question was not answered, I got a "Call Me" button. I spoke with someone specifically from the MP3 credit department.
The rep explained that MP3 credits, especially Amazon Local deals do not stack, and when multiple codes are applied to an account, the system uses whatever credit is there without regard to its expiration date. Therefore, my code with the 7/23 expiration date happened to be used first, leaving the remainder of my $3 code to expire on 7/12! Also, credit from two different codes CANNOT be applied to the same song purchase, so any remaining balance from one code to purchase a song that exceeds the credit will cause your credit card to be charged for the balance even if you have another MP3 credit in your account!
Amazon's advice is to NOT apply multiple MP3 credits to your account at the same time. Use one up, then apply the next.
The rep kindly gave me a $2 MP3 credit to heal my wounded heart.
fluffy posted Jul 13, 2012

They say Amazon has really high rankings in customer service, maybe this is why. I still would have expected them to give you the $3 credit back since that is what ended up expiring on you. And besides, if it "went through" they should have let it be!

dealwagger (rep: 10.3k) posted Jul 13, 2012


Actually, dealwagger, only $2 of the first credit expired. Ironically, the first song I purchased when I got that credit was "Chop My Money" by P-Square.

fluffy (rep: 2.2k) posted Jul 13, 2012


Oh my is doing this? This is pathetic....

Dexterous (rep: 102k) posted Jul 13, 2012