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Amazon Nikon digital camera 60% off good enough?

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Is this Amazon's Black Friday lightning deal - Nikon coolpix s1000pj digital camera at $149 (original price $350) - a real good deal? Shortened link here:
epenny posted Nov 26, 2010

I find that any deal is a good deal to post. You may not think $150 is a good price, but others searching for deals may think its a great price. So, why censor yourself and your deals? Post em.

claytonclay (rep: 2.7k) posted Nov 26, 2010


I don't know if you're asking because you want to buy one for yourself, or if you think it's a good deal to post. If you're looking to buy the item yourself, then it would probably be based on your preferences and your budget. If you're asking because you want to know if it's good enough to post, you should remember that everyone has a different definition of what a deal is. You may see something and not think it's a great deal, but someone else may think it's the best deal ever. So don't be afraid to post something if you don't think it's not that great of a deal, because it could be the deal someone else was waiting for.

livebetter (rep: 1.4k) posted Nov 26, 2010