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Amazon To Ship You Items Before You Actually Buy It

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Amazon took out a patent on the ability to ship items to you before you even know you want the item.
They are thinking of shipping what they think you want based on past purchases, items left in your cart, if you hover over an item too long, etc.

What do you think of this idea? Yay or Nay

I'm sure they'll have to work out a lot of kinks before they put the plan into action but personally, I already see problems in this.

You can read more here: http://consumerist.com/2014/01/21/amazon-patents-method-for-shipping-you-things-before-you-order-them/
blackfoot (L5) posted Jan 30, 2014

I should hope there is a way too opt out! Don't think I would want them to ship out based upon my browsing, JMO :--)

themoneyman1113 (L5) posted Jan 30, 2014


I keep hovering, they keep shipping, who will be paying?

Monitoring price is the way to save. I didn't like this idea. But if I order now and item to my door tomorrow without extra charge would be awesome.

Dexterous (L5) posted Jan 30, 2014


Found this:
Here's how it works, in a nutshell: The company crunches its streams of data to forecast generally where a certain item might be wanted, sends it on its way, and remotely directs it to the right address as soon as someone actually orders it. On the off chance that the item doesn't actually get ordered, Amazon might discount it to the person at the place it arrived, or even give it away for free. It's all based on probabilities: What people are likely to want at what time, based on user signals like wish lists and past purchases, and the cost/benefit calculus of time saved vs. packages erroneously delivered.
From The Washington Post

xptrish (L5) posted Jan 30, 2014


Here's the actual 27 Page Patent Submitted by Amazon

xptrish (L5) posted Jan 30, 2014


Basically they ship items to a distribution location closer to you so when it is ordered it gets there quicker

xptrish (L5) posted Jan 30, 2014


Makes sense to a certain degree. As an example: Why not start moving snow throwers towards an area about to be hit with a storm? Get them that much closer, and the storm will probably hit somewhere close to the targeted area. Via UPS, shipping a small light weight item has increased more than a heavier one...so maybe smart to add a little hot chocolate to that snow thrower order;)

glwrks (L5) posted Jan 30, 2014


They don't actually ship it to you. They ship it close to you assuming you will purchase it. When you purchase it, they can then get it to you very quickly.

bbattag (L5) posted Jan 31, 2014


This could be more reason for them to open up distribution centers in all states, thus making tax-free Amazon purchases a thing of the past.

Retrex (L5) posted Jan 31, 2014


Wow I hope they dont do this. I would feel like I dont have control. Many times I put things in my cart and browse other sites for the same thing.

helloamy1977 (L4) posted Jan 31, 2014


At first I thought this was a link to an theonion.com satire news website. I think it'll cause more problems then it'll solve. Oh you bought a discounted motherboard on amazon, you may also like these three other motherboards that we just shipped to you and charged your credit card. Now spend extra time shipping them back. No thanks.

incubusattack (L2) posted Feb 01, 2014