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[Expired] Any Caribou Coffee Deals or Tips? Savings-related or otherwise?

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Hi, my husband is meeting some classmates at Caribou today and they will probably need to buy something to use the wifi, etc. I have searched here and elsewhere and I'm finding no current deals~any ideas?

Also, does anyone recommend anything for a guy that is not into drinks with spices (like pumpkin spice) or very sugary drinks (I know, I know, he's funny like that :)

dealwagger (L5) posted Nov 12, 2012
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I love CARIBOU! I miss their coffee... I wish I had gone there when I knew about this site. Could have worked there and actually made money, instead of wasting my time there.
But, normally, you could just buy a cup of their coffee, any kind- and get refills too.

MdavidK30 (L5) posted Nov 15, 2012