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Any Christmas Gift Ideas?

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I'm terrible at shopping for gifts, so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what sort of presents to look for for Christmas? Or even the best places to shop? I have so many people to get presents for and so little ideas haha
ammuller (L2) posted Dec 05, 2018
DealsPlus User

I'm right there with you! Xmas shopping can be so stressful. For my nephews and niece, I stick to places like Target or Walmart and shop the toy section. My mom loves lotions so I like hitting up Bath & Body Works when they have their 10 for $30 promos. Gift cards are also convenient, especially for people like my dad who are so hard to shop for. Hope this helps :)

Anonymous (L) posted Dec 06, 2018


@jannvasquez I'll definitely be shopping at Bath & Body Works for some gifts this year lol and there was just a deal in the Hand-Picked section that was great! For some reason I always forget about Walmart when it comes to looking for gifts lol thanks for the reminder! Good luck with your Christmas shopping! :)

ammuller (L2) posted Dec 06, 2018


I do all of my shopping online www.youravon.com/thebest or giftcards.
You can also try my 4 gift giving rule: Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read.
And call it a day. The best way is to have them pick out 5-10 things that they want and need and then you can pick 1-2 things from what they select so at least you know that it's something that they want.

Lpwilliams198623 (L2) posted Dec 11, 2018

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That's a helpful idea @Lpwilliams198623. I'll have to try that.

Anonymous (L) posted Dec 13, 2018


Thanks @Lpwilliams198623, I'll definitely be using those 4 gift giving rules! Thanks for the tips :)

ammuller (L2) posted Dec 13, 2018


Personalized Jewelry are special choice for Christmas Gift.

brandyouloveit (L1) posted Dec 13, 2018


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david0101010 (L1) posted Dec 13, 2018