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Any gift shopping tips?

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Considering it's already the end of August, it's basically already Christmas haha. I love buying gifts for my friends and family, but I always stumble with trying to figure out what to get them. Does anyone have any tips on how to shop for people or where to get the best deals? I especially need ideas for what to get for my brother, he's always the hardest to shop for! What exactly does a 26-year-old guy want for Christmas?
ammuller (L2) posted Aug 23, 2018

I know! Christmas will be here before we know it. There's a website called blackfriday.com I just found out about that gathers info on Black Friday deals. It will help with planning ahead of time. And from my experience, retailers start to do crazy sales as soon as November hits and the discounts get bigger the closer it gets to the holidays, so if you're not in a rush, maybe wait a bit. As far as what to get a 26-year-old, I'm stumped. I know my brother is into sports and loves any sort of Lakers/Dodgers/Dallas Cowboys gear. Merry shopping!

jannvasquez (L2) posted Aug 23, 2018


Thanks @jannvasquez! I've never heard of blackfriday.com, but I'll check it out now! I can't wait for all those Black Friday deals though, that was when I got most of my Christmas presents last year!

Still stumped on what to get for my brother though. I might just buy him a new video game or something, but I wouldn't know which one to get lol

ammuller (L2) posted Aug 23, 2018


i have no this kind of experience, sorry.

sonialily (L1) posted Aug 23, 2018