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Any ideas why this didn't front page?

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Anyone have any idea why this didn't make it to the front page? https://www.dealsplus.com/freebies/p_add-640mb-of-dropbox-storage-to-your-account-for-free Any thoughts are welcome, I'd love to better understand how it all works. Thanks!
maven3 (L5) posted Apr 25, 2011

I dunno. I loved it and once again thanks for sharing.

OrionStar (L5) posted Apr 25, 2011


Looks like a duplicate to me:

becky457 (L5) posted Apr 25, 2011


Lots of 'freebie' deals never make front page. My guess is 'cause it doesn't bring any revenue to the site if nothing is purchased? Although that's not always the case.
@becky457 is right about the duplicate as well.

Brentheriot (L5) posted Apr 25, 2011


@Becky; That probably explains it, I searched for it and didn't find it, hence the post.

@Brentheriot; That's interesting, I thought that # of pluses and timeframe of plusing was the main factors for front paging. I am not aware that the site has a bias against freebies. I have assumed that the site makes it's money from ads on the page, and not directly from the companies featured in the deals.

maven3 (L5) posted Apr 25, 2011


I posted free condoms last week and that never made it to the front page. How can you not get excited about free condoms? I mean really...

BigJJ (L5) posted Apr 26, 2011


@BigJJ I wouldn't be excited if it was ... "Busted" ;)

OrionStar (L5) posted Apr 26, 2011


Its probably because its a duplicate. I don't think it has anything to do with revenue because I've seen dp front page freebies all the time and I'm pretty sure they aren't getting paid for those type of deals.

I think dealsplus.com prefer to FP stuff that don't need to make users/members do too much work (some people don't have twitter/facebook). Nothing against you OP but why FP this when Amazon is giving away 5GB of online storage for free? Its very similar to dropbox and you're getting much more in storage.

PLUSME (L5) posted Apr 26, 2011


maybe people don't know how useful this deal was. Maybe you could have talked it up and pointed to a site that would show people how to make this deal useful. I myself wouldn't have thought about the deal as great, but I am sure you could change my mind by telling me the usefulness of this type of deal, not here, but in the deal itself.

solowkoe (L2) posted Apr 26, 2011


I don't mean to say that Dealsplus has a bias against freebies. It's a great way to get customers to the site. And yes, some do get on FP, but lots that get high plus counts still dont.. (fast sellout, too much work, reliability, etc) DEALSPLUS makes money% from the sites people click thru and make purchases.

Brentheriot (L5) posted Apr 26, 2011