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Anyone can tell me the difference between these coupon type?

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Hi, I want to share some coupon code on deaslplus, but I don't know which coupon type I should choose. It lists four coupon types for people to choose:Online, In Store Coupon, In Store Offer, Weekly Ad. Who can explain the difference between them? If I have a multi-use code on Amazon, which one I should choose?
pattiking1630 (L1) posted Jan 17, 2018

Hello pattiking1630 :)

I'd be happy to explain the differences to you. Online simply means that the coupon is redeemable online. For example a promo code that gets you 20% off your entire purchase. An in-store coupon, is a coupon that is only good in-store. For instance, a printable coupon would be an example of an in-store coupon. An in-store offer, is an offer that only happens in-store. This type of coupon differs from an in-store coupon because an in-store offer doesn't necessarily need a coupon to redeem it. And, lastly, a weekly ad is a coupon for a store that publishes a weekly ad. Have you seen the ALDI weekly ads by chance? It's basically just an ad of sales and offers for a particular store that comes out weekly.

In regards to Amazon, if it's a promo code for a specific item, please do not create a coupon for it. Instead post it as a deal. Whereas if it's a sale for a specific category on Amazon, then I would use online coupon. Does that help? If not I can explain more.

Thank you!

DealsorNoDeals (L5) posted Jan 17, 2018


Hello DealsorNoDeals

Thanks for your help. You explained very clearly. I got it. Thanks again.

pattiking1630 (L1) posted Jan 17, 2018


thanks for your help

CeibaTree (L2) posted Apr 26, 2018


Hello, DealsorNoDeals, may I know what will happen if I submit a coupon onlie for only 1 product?
Thank you.

Gavincoco (L1) posted Apr 26, 2018


Hello Gavincoco :) if that's the case, it would be better if you posted it as a deal instead of a coupon. Generally, we'd prefer single product deals as deals rather than coupons. Do you know how to create a deal? I can help you if you want me to :)

DealsorNoDeals (L5) posted Apr 26, 2018