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Apple, Google and Amazon music “war”

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Apple, Google, Amazon launched its own music service, this competitive struggle can be described as three tigers. We can see this sentence in above chart “Apple doesn’t always get it right the first time”. Apple will automatically enhance the users to match music, which will enhance high-fidelity music of 256 rate. However, you can not streaming music through iCloud. You can manually download if your IOS does not stored in the cloud music Compared with Apple, Google and Amazon to allow streaming music, but does not allow users to download songs cloud. (Google provide users with 20000 free music downloads) Although three companies have their own advantages and disadvantages of music, but Apple’s iCloud occupied a certain advantage. The greatest advantage of iCloud services is that Apple has obtained a patent license. Users only pay 25 dollars per year for this scanning – matching services , then can enjoy 20,000 high quality music songs. In contrast, Google’s free music service only provides 100GGB storage space, Amazon provides 5GB storage space.
Tom2008 posted Jun 08, 2011

Not sure what youre trying to point out. You seem to be confused a bit. 100Gb = roughly 25000 songs so when you say "google ONLY provides 100Gb" its actually more than Apple provides.

You have to remember as well that unless youre on an unlimited data plan music streaming is going to eat away at your allotment.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Jun 08, 2011


I thought he/she may want to vote the apple,
but there may be something wrong with the above data :)

sunshing (rep: 302) posted Jun 08, 2011


Competion lowers prices for us. I am glad there is more than one provider.

akaricke (rep: 161k) posted Jun 08, 2011