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Are these deals the same

9 0 ( mine) ( this one is stated as well promise rings) 

This is one reason that I don't post a lot of deals any more. 

They change the wording, change the links and mine get buried. 

that is the only $ 12.99 promise ring on the page for sale. I reported it but it's still active 
catchersmom posted Jan 30, 2013

Just to be fair I will expire mine. I have asked for clarity on it also.
I can REALLY see how this would upset you and I apologize,it was not done knowing you had a promise ring listed from the same site,and there are only 4 promise rings so its not as you make it sound like there were pages of them and that there was no way I could have posted a the $12.99 price unknowingly.
In fact,and obviously, I listed the $12.99 price because that was the least expensive one so I could put $12.99+
as is common when listing that items begin at a certain price and go up.
Finally I don't appreciate your slander implying that I did this to be shady,like changing the wording etc. YOURS was a Daily Deal,mine was not and was posted with no intent of taking anything from you or anyone else,I have more character than that. Does this happen occasionally that it doesn't come up as a duplicate? Absolutely,instead of trying to make the person look bad with false insinuations perhaps you should let the mods handle it or you could have sent me a message.
I did not do a search before as I should have (and plan to do a LOT more from now on) so I take responsibility for my post,have expired it and can only say that I am sorry you were stressed,I had no ill intent when posted.

xptrish (rep: 101k) posted Jan 30, 2013


Just to be fair, This has happened on more then one occasion, but not by you.I did report it to the mods but it was left alone. I don't want or need the drama and I don't step on any ones toes here. I post very little any more because it has gotten so cut throat. Don't take it as an attack on you, it was not. But there has to be away to stop this from happening to everyone,

catchersmom (rep: 24.9k) posted Jan 30, 2013


I agree 1,000 % !
It has to me too,thats why I said I understood your reaction. I stop for a few days or so when i get too aggravated.I guess if we do that they win. DP is getting so much better lately though,even today I had a mod write me about how things I am doing should be done differently,it was done respectfully and was explained clearly,so I am guessing they are actually letting people know the boundaroes,those that comply will continue here and probably htose that choose to THINK they run the show simply because they've been getting away with it so long will have a rude awakening.

xptrish (rep: 101k) posted Jan 30, 2013