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Are you able to recieve a discount if the item you bought goes on sale within a few days?

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If you buy something and the store has a promo or sale within a few days of the purchase, are you allowed to receive said discount? For example, if you were to buy a shirt and two days later the store has a 40% discount with promo code, are you able to cash in on that discount after buying the item?
VirginiaPeanuts posted Apr 24, 2011

Depends on the store's policy. Some allow it and some don't. I've seen people return items and rebuy them when they were on sale if a store didn't have the discount/sale policy you are referring to. I doubt most web stores offer the discount after the fact.

MHT962 (rep: 3.3k) posted Apr 24, 2011


I've done this before an was honored a discount on online orders.

It doesn't hurt to call the company and make them aware of your previous purchase and now the new pricing (sale). If your purchase was made recent before the sale it is possible to get a discount/credit on your credit card.

But like MHT962 said, it totally depends on the merchant.

blackfoot (rep: 991k) posted Apr 25, 2011