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Aren't Codes Supposed to go with Codes & Deals with Deals?

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I understand that if you're submitting a product & a code betters the deal, than it's appropriate to add. I've submitted great codes only to find them frontpaged a deal w/my code only. Example: 11 days ago I submitted coupon code for $10 off your order, for a store. Today it's submitted as a deal which takes away $ from my coupon post. When I asked submitter to remove, their response was everybody does it. When I asked DP previously they told me codes go w/codes, deals go w/deals which is why when you submit, you're asked that very question. Unfortunately this rule's not being enforced & it happens to me daily since I've been respecting their wishes & then wondering why I'm not making much $. I need some advice from both mods as well as MM's.
deby32953 (L5) posted Apr 03, 2011

I have seen that as well. Where I post a coupon code, and someone else posts the same coupon code as a deal and it hits front page with tons of plusses. :( so not sure how that really works? But agree would like clarification. Sorry this happened to ya Deb.

wptbound (L0) posted Apr 03, 2011


I don't post many codes but a few times I have posted them both as a deal and as a coupon.

I do agree that they should only be posted in the correct spot if they are are posted incorrectly they should be removed

jamesjr55 (L5) posted Apr 03, 2011


It does look like they are trying to get a little tougher on what is posted I got this in an e-mail

Hey Money Makers!

First off, we'd just like to thank you for ALL your hard work! We've never had so many great deals on our site and we appreciate your contributions immensely!

But of course, there is always room for improvement. We've put together a small list of topics we'd like to share below. These are things we think need immediate improvement and any further violations could result in deal/coupon removal.

1) Shopping information in the coupon sections: Most of our users look to the coupon sections of our site (a.k.a. "store pages") primarily for coupon posts. When you post anything other than coupons (shopping information, sale/clearance pages, deals, etc.) it confuses other users and detracts from the purpose of the coupon sections. If a retailer does not use coupons/coupon codes, or the "store page" on dealsplus.com has NO current posts, than other shopping information is OK to post. But for the most part, we ask you to try and cut down on these posts. Examples:
- Sale and clearance pages
- Standard shipping information

2) Invalid/Inaccurate posts: Recently, we've noticed a few Money Makers have been posting incomplete/expired coupons. We know there are a number of deal and coupon sites out there, and that they can be good resources for finding bargains but not all deals/coupon site are kept up to date. Therefore, we highly recommend validating the coupon (especially the ones w/o expiration dates) to make sure it works before posting it on dealsplus.com.

We’ve also seen many incomplete coupons as of late. Some examples of incomplete coupon posts include, but are not limited to:
- Not including expiration dates (most notably with printable coupons)
- Putting expiration dates in the description (not using the expiration drop down menu)
- Not putting a purchase requirement for a coupon (e.g. 20% off vs. 20% off $50+ order)
- When a coupon (Amazon, meritline, newegg, tigerdirect, dell, etc.) only works for a certain product(s) but the link to the coupon links to the homepage instead of the product page

3) Spamming: We’ve noticed many Money Makers posting deals from less reputable sites, or even spam sites. Some users may not be aware that the sites they are posting may be harmful to other users, while other users intentionally promote these sites or blogs. Whether intentional or not, these posts are subject to deletion at any time by the dealsplus.com team. Some examples include, but are not limited to:
- “Freebie” sites that gather user information
- Sites with extremely low traffic ratings
- Fake-looking sites

In closing, we just ask that you take a little more time to make sure the deals and coupons you are posting follow the guidelines above. Before you hit that final “submit” button, remember to check for duplicates and expiration dates, make sure coupons are still working, and that they’re from a safe and trustworthy website. Hundreds of thousands of people visit dealsplus.com everyday, and we want them to have access to the very best deals and coupons online. Keep up the great work!

Best regards,
dealsplus.com team

jamesjr55 (L5) posted Apr 03, 2011


By the way, it was for $10 off at Torrid.

deby32953 (L5) posted Apr 03, 2011


The only thing I could find in the rules here was this, "Cross posting, or the posting of the same message across multiple categories or within the same category, is not permitted."

deby32953 (L5) posted Apr 03, 2011


I have to admit its tough to distinguish sometimes. Ex: I posted the Walgreens 8x10 freebie deal today but then find the coupon version on front page. I have no complaints b/c it was posted on site first, though I never saw it in search. But if not for a mod deciding to single it out on front page,(most codes never get that honor) I doubt most would have ever noticed it in time unless checking Walgreens coupons. That's why my first instinct was to place in free section where it would be noticed by shoppers. It can be useful for some to be listed twice, but a code in the deal section should primarily have an item(s) listed with it.

F.Y.I.- As a shopper, I find that the coupon section is most useful when I'm about to buy something.

Brentheriot (L5) posted Apr 03, 2011


*I* was taught coupons go in the coupon section. The deal section is where you put sales together WITH coupons (making the deal even better).

IMHO, the deal sub-category "coupon" is the problem. It was added cuz people complained about NOT being able to post to the restricted coupon sections like NY&Co, Target, etc.

omegafemale (L5) posted Apr 04, 2011


I never saw this situation in this light. Seems like people go to an awful lot to use someone else's work to "cheat" a few cents more. I say do what you need to do to max your earnings every time you post something new. I know I will from now on.

I use quotes (i.e."cheats") because business often is using every opportunity to make money. I cannot condemn someone for figuring out a way to max their income off my work, but it sure does burn my butt!

BigJJ (L5) posted Apr 04, 2011


I agree with BigJJ !

dealhugger (L5) posted Apr 04, 2011


I know I'm not as experience as most of you here on dealsplus.com but I think it really depends on the deal. If the coupon code is SUPER DUPER HOT like the torrid one $10 off $10.01 or even FREE stuff? then its ok to post it as a deal and a coupon but if its something like "free shipping on any purchase" or even "$5 off $25" then I wouldn't consider it "ok" to post as a deal.

Not sure if its just me, but I don't really consider a deal the same as a coupon. Coupon and deals have their own separate section, in fact I think a coupon > deal since deals usually gets buried down the list in an hour or so while coupon always stays at the coupon page.

I'm pretty sure you guys know that coupon > deal when it comes to money too so I'm not sure what the big deal is.

PLUSME (L5) posted Apr 04, 2011


Still need to hear from a mod!

deby32953 (L5) posted Apr 04, 2011


The only time I've ever put a coupon as a deal is for sites that don't allow coupon submission. I think that's alright, otherwise, no, it's not cool.

daisydeadpetals (L4) posted Apr 04, 2011


I just searched for the deal and actually there are a couple that are the same...

daisydeadpetals (L4) posted Apr 04, 2011


deby to prove my point, view some of the front page posts. The deals - whether it be a store sale (like levi) or a single item - 90% have a coupon added. I've seen deals updated by mods after someone mentions a coupon in the comments.

As for mods "piping in" - never gonna happen. You could try sending a private msg requesting verification. (shrug)

omegafemale (L5) posted Apr 04, 2011


Three days ago I sent you a message of concern about persons thumbing down the comments on your deals, specifically this one where you've listed a coupon code in the deal section.


The next day I saw the Torrid deal on SD and posted it here with no notice of duplication.

You asked me to expire it and it was expired.

It was up for three hours with 9 views and made $0.03. It was my mistake. I apologize and if you have PayPal I will send you the money. That is the only thing I know to do about it now.

It wasn't a plot or a calculation on my part to do any harm to you or take money from anyone as people here seem to imagine. I come here to see deals that might help me and post a few that might help others. In the future I will be extra vigilant before posting anything.

Warunamail posted the deal first back in February in the deal section https://www.dealsplus.com/Torrid-coupons/p_torrid-coupon-off-01-or-more-for-divastyle-members
Then you took it and posted it in the Coupon section 12 days ago.
I posted it for 3 hours in the deal section and in all that time, no one seems to care that much about it.

Now that I've apologized and offered the only thing I know to do to make it right I hope you won't continue to post here that "I'm angry" and that I expired the deal but not for the reasons that I should have.

And I want you to know for a dead certainty that all the thumbs down you seem to be continuing to receive will never ever be from me.

Deedle_pie (L4) posted Apr 05, 2011