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Ask & Share feature - Do members and Money Makers get rep points and credits for views of their questions/answers?

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I like the idea that this feature is now added to the public page. It really helps us, at least for me, understand and learn more about deal postings and other unanswered questions. There are two things that I think would be more helpful about this feature. 1. If I need to search for a question and not duplicate it, where do I go? 2. Does members get rep points for bringing up a good question/answer? 3. Does Money Makers get credit for views in this "Ask & Share" feature, since it's now in public view?
unikki420 posted Nov 02, 2010

1. On the right side of your question is a box labeled "Search Q&A". Hope this helps :)

2. I believe so.

3. I definitely believe so.

Jourdy288 (rep: 534) posted Nov 02, 2010


@Jourdy288...Thanks for your answers. I think I just answered my own as well...Rep for answering and taking time to create a jpg file link for question #1. I need to learn how to create a jpg file link myself =]

1. I tried the "Search Q&A" to get an answer to my question, but nohting came up, hence raised this question/suggestion in the "Ask & Share" feature.

2. I hope so too...based on the green thumbs up/red thumbs down icon I see located next to the comment box, I'm guessing it should count as rep points.

3. I just found out after playing with this new feature that there's a box message on the lower right hand corner stating "Make Money:
Post a brilliant answer, and you might earn some cash. We'll give you $3 for every 1,000 views your answer receives while it's the highest rated answer for any particular question."

unikki420 (rep: 4.3k) posted Nov 02, 2010



Jourdy288 (rep: 534) posted Nov 03, 2010