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Audio Books

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I have been listening to audio books in the car since about 1999 and it makes my commute (which is only 40 minutes each way) seem to go by in a flash.  I also listen to audio books at night while I surf the net (I rarely watch TV).  My eyesight is not great and I get sleepy reading a paper book.  I always get unabridged audio books and I have learned that some readers are great and some can make a good book awful.  Anyway, is there a big audience for audio books?  Do you listen to them?  What kind? I pretty much only listen to fiction.

erick99 posted Jun 02, 2013

They have been on my on my to-do list for a long while. But just interested in non-fiction these days. I find podcasts fill this need fine for now. I use audio as much as i can, to give eyes a rest.

dddsss (rep: 22.9k) posted Jun 03, 2013


Having little ones, I don't listen to audio like in the past. I like books, too, because the reader's voice can often be grating. :)

lauchremi (rep: 9.5k) posted Jun 03, 2013


I love audiobooks. I listen mainly to the classics. I have the ap titled Audiobooks on my ipod touch. Some are really good (Mody Dick, dramatic reading of A Chistmas Carol), some are so monotone it is hypnotic. The free library is quite deep. There are some that you can purchase as well.

nthsll (rep: 12.5k) posted Jun 03, 2013