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Awesome Deal on Snowboarding Jacket

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Wow, really didn't expect to find such a good deal on a new snowboarding jacket in the middle of the season like this. I used the deal and code below to snag a Sessions Outlaw snowboarding jacket for $57. That's $133 off its normal price. I highly recommend checking out the sale especially since it looks like the expiration date for the code is unknown. Thanks OP!

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Code: 70% off with code WTH70

ricci4pres (L5) posted Jan 08, 2014

Also, they actually had some smaller sizes (which is what I needed), which is pretty rare. Normally if something is 70% off, you'll only find XXXXL :)

ricci4pres (L5) posted Jan 08, 2014


sorry if i offended anyone, i just saw the "I Saved Money!" category in ask and share now and wanted to share how i saved money. i'm not a money maker and this isn't even one of my deal posts, so not sure why it deserved a thumbs down. maybe im using this category wrong? anyway, thanks again op

ricci4pres (L5) posted Jan 10, 2014


Lol, I just commented on this very subject on someone else's post, though I didn't thumb down either posts, I only made a comment on posting deals under this section because I didn't want newbie to think that we post deals under this section as well...... was only trying to direct someone's inquiry, though I guess my comment somewhat inquires that mods would monitor such posts. I don't know if these were MM's or not, I was just speaking in general, so newbie's wouldn't get confused.

LilRed77 (L5) posted Jan 10, 2014