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Best and Worst Mother's Day gifts received or given

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Since Mother's Day is coming up, let's talk about gifts!

For Mothers like me, what's the best and worst gift you've received?

For everyone, what's the best and worse gift you've given to other Mothers (friends/sisters/mother/grandma/aunts/in-laws/etc..)?
kuting (L2) posted Apr 25, 2013

Do you even give worse gift? Define worse gift for me.....

Dexterous (L5) posted Apr 25, 2013


I think the worst gift would be no gift at all. Even little kids make their own gifts lol. But I personally buy my mom stuff that will last her a long time and stuff she likes such as plants. She plants them in the yard or just puts them in a nice flower pot inside the house and they last her years. Any gift that she smiles at is a great gift to me.

Jazmine_ilene (L5) posted Apr 25, 2013


i guess i can define "worst gift" as probably something useless or you don't like at all that you tend you just store, throw, regift, or use still even if you dont want to.

Worst Gift
An example for me would be my in law giving me this stone frame that you hang on the wall with a message that's very specific to her religion which i'm not really into and i don't really like the design anyway. However, her being my in law and to not hurt her feelings coz she's very sensitive about it, i still hang it in the house somewhere not so obvious but its still there incase she looks for it the next time she comes by :)

Best Gift
My son made his drawing on a paper with lots of hearts and flowers with his message for me. She also her sister which is a yr old draw on it (which are just a bunch of crooked lines, but still very cute). Best gift ever!

kuting (L2) posted Apr 25, 2013


Worst would be any, because I am a MAN.

alwayshere (L0) posted Apr 25, 2013