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Best and worst online florists.

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kaybee posted Feb 05, 2013

I can agree that FTD can suck, mightily. I ordered tulips for my wifa and for my mom last year and I insisted on a redelivery. I could have bought much better at my local Sam's clun or grocery store.

nthsll (rep: 12.5k) posted Feb 05, 2013


The worst online florist I've ever used was . They actually sent totally dead MOLDY roses! They sent new (but not great) ones after I called to chew them out, but I can't believe they're still in business.

Always follow up to see if the recipient got what you paid for. Once my mom received a very puny arrangement when I had ordered a huge bouquet from a florist local to her. I guess they figured I'd never find out.

fluffy (rep: 2.2k) posted Feb 05, 2013


I've used teleflora t & have been very pleased.

grandma5 (rep: 57.8k) posted Feb 05, 2013


ftd orders are fulfilled by local ftd florists in the area of the person receiving the flowers. you cant really fault ftd as a company for it.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Feb 05, 2013


I used to send my mother flowers at her office on the last week before her retirement. Being a one-time occasion, I upgraded to the "best" arrangement. I saw it a few days later in person and was very underwhelmed. It was maybe the size of a "good" or base arrangement if that. I contacted FTD but since it had been over a week they wouldn't do anything. I asked for a refund of the difference between "good" and "best" and their best offer was a coupon towards a future order. I have filed a dispute with my CC over the $20 price difference and am still awaiting a verdict. I will never use again!

berkshirebt (rep: 33) posted Feb 06, 2013


A great one is Most of the flowers are boxed & mailed. I've only had one order that needed to be replaced in over 8 years using them! I called pro immediately & my gift was resent with no damage plus chocolates were added! I also received a coupon for the entire amount of my order.
Now That's great service!

gr8tone99 (rep: 81) posted Feb 06, 2013


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gr8tone99 (rep: 81) posted Feb 06, 2013


Worst on line florist is BLOOMS TODAY...Valentine Flowers for wife were dead on arrival,,,,brown; customer service is terrible; avoid these people like the plaguue

philipdz (new user) posted Feb 15, 2013


I have used several online florists I think is the best. Two thumbs up.

mcjung (rep: 6.3k) posted Feb 15, 2013