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Best pet food for your dog is ...

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What type of pet food are you feeding your dog?  
lilywow posted Apr 16, 2012

science diet- calorie control for small breeds-

gangstabarbie (rep: 21k) posted Apr 16, 2012


My baby Billy was so spoiled he used to sleep with me and i used to take him everywhere with me I even used to cook chiken for him.. But I got married and Had a baby soo my poor pup has to eat dog chow now lol.. I know it's better for him but I still feel guilty

heyimdennise (rep: 7.9k) posted Apr 16, 2012


We switch around a lot at home. My dog's eating Beneful now. We had him eat Dog Chow too at one point. My dad's guilty of occasionally giving him scraps. He's 11 & the only time we take him to the vet is to get shots updated and, well, the one time he got hit by a car when he was much younger. He's perfectly healthy with plenty of energy! He doesn't go to the dentist either. Teeth are all intact with only the normal plaque dogs have - nothing excessively disgusting.
I think dogs mainly need attention and remain active.

arsiel (rep: 13.1k) posted Apr 16, 2012


natures recipe vegetarian

helloamy1977 (rep: 2.6k) posted Apr 16, 2012


Whatever is on sale. Dog food seems crazy expensive to me for what you get. Usually Beneful is the least expensive dog good at Safeway (though it is often on sale so that helps) and it seems like a good diet for her.

erick99 (rep: 433k) posted Apr 16, 2012


My little dog eats anything.i seldom care about its food.

datsily (rep: 3) posted Apr 17, 2012


Most types of dog food you get in the grocery store or walmart is HORRIBLE for your dog. Go to to look at the different ingredients in each popular dog food. I feed my dog Wellness CORE... it's a grain-free dog food.

jfmoondog (rep: 5) posted Apr 17, 2012


Absolutely ^ Here is my rule of thumb. If you can buy it at a grocery store or department store then you should be ashamed of yourself if youre feeding it to your pet. Nothing like pumping pesticides, harmful preservatives and chemicals into your pet you love so much. Then wonder why your dog/cat is fat and lazy. Maybe because in the wild he wouldnt eat corn? Just a thought.

Ive tried all the high quality foods, Orijen, Innova, Wellness, etc etc etc. But Taste of The Wild is hands down the best for my dog. He absolutely loves it. And at $28 for a 15# bag it is just downright cruel to feed a grocery store kibble rather than this.

And those who would say Eukanuba, Hills, or any other so called "healthy food". Sorry its no better than Alpo. Buy a quality food, it wont cost you any more money. My pitbull eats 2 - 21/2 cups of Taste of the Wild Venison and Bison a day. He is completely ripped and jacked with muscle but trim at the same time. Because he gets quality protein and fat. I typically feed 1 cup at a time and he doesnt finish it all b ecause he doesnt need to, he gets what energy his body needs out of a small quantity of food. There is 60 cups in a 15# bag. $28 a month for my dog to eat healthy. It provides a better coat, his teeth are strong enough that he completely destroyed a steel kennel and a door knob. Less bowel movements and its a smaller amount as his body uses more of the food for energy. Its just a no brainer.

Sorry for the rant, this is one topic that pisses me off when I hear people say uh whatever is on sale at walmart.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Apr 17, 2012


Bone and broth.He is Picky .

Sundy89 (rep: 2) posted Apr 18, 2012


Of course a raw diet is best for your dog. And they will love you to death. Its just hard and time consuming. A good healthy change up is to just mix in some frozen or raw veggies with your kibble. My pit loves sweet potatoes, peas and carrots so there is some more healthy options. Just please, at least try a healthy grain free kibble. Like I said it wont cost you any more money than youre already spending so dont fear the pricetag. And thank you to the person who posted the link to dog foo analysis. Ive been using that site for a long long time and it has great information on pet foods and the chemicals, preservatives, and pesticides used in the foods.Or lack thereof.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Apr 18, 2012