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Best post Xmas deals on Christmas trees?

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I am looking to buy a 7 foot Xmas tree for next year. Where have you seen or gotten a deal on a Xmas tree either this year or in the past? Thanks!
bbattag posted Dec 29, 2011

Try Target, and talk to a supervisor. My sister used to work for Target and after Christmas when they mark all the holiday items down, they would take all the bulk items (christmas trees, large outdoor ornaments etc.) off the shelves and bring out all the small items that they had overstocked like wrapping paper, stockings, etc. They always shipped back the bulk items to the manufacturer. If your local target still has Christmas stuff on clearance (typically they mark down stuff in interval percentages as time goes by), you may be able to get a tree for whatever the current markdown percentage is.

Good luck!

pdubbb (rep: 629) posted Dec 31, 2011


@pdubbb - Great info. Thanks! I'll try that

bbattag (rep: 7k) posted Jan 01, 2012