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Best tv?

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Looking for a 42" hdtv (?) whatever the new ones are called that don't need converter boxes. I am looking for a long lasting brand that can be see from the side as well as sitting dead in front of it and it needs to be able to be hooked up to an antenna. Recommendations? Prices? Who should I avoid?
quartrhoss posted Dec 12, 2010

Definitely go with Samsung, Sony, and LG. I think if you are able to get a 42" 1080p LCD for bout $450 or less (unless is LED) then you got yourself a pretty good deal. Brands you should avoid should be probably Westinghouse, Dynex, and Element.

PLUSME (rep: 1.6k) posted Dec 13, 2010


Are you looking for TV just for entertainment or for games and entertainment?
If just for entertainment, I suggest plasma TV.
If you looking for both, I suggest LCD TV

42" plasma hdtv:
42" lcd hdtv:
Both that TV got good rating from

Good luck and happy looking. If you plan to buy one, this time is still best time to get one.

newguy (rep: 298k) posted Dec 13, 2010


@ newguy.

Besides the fact that you posted the deals yourself. The two TVs you've suggested isn't much of a deal. The first one is 720p + Plasma. Second one is pricey + bad reseller ( Fry's had a sale this past weekend for a Sony LCD HDTV 1080p 120hz for $599.

sayhitome (rep: 39) posted Dec 13, 2010


I think LED-LCD TVs are close enough to plasma that once you get the tv home and not next to a wall of TVs, you will be pleased. they are light, thin, and easy to hang.

fadedpipe (rep: 2) posted Dec 13, 2010


TV prices are falling very fast. If you could wait a bit (2-3 month) you will be able to get latest LED TV for a good price (under $1000 for sure). Otherwise get a brand name TV (Samsung is the best), pay approx. $600 and enjoy it.

belarus94 (rep: 64.8k) posted Dec 13, 2010


i'd go with samsung..i believe sony is the bigger name, yet they use samsung components..i believe that's how it was.

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Dec 13, 2010


You should avoid the name brands you don't know. They're cheaper and much less well known for a reason! I have a samsung TV and I LOVE it!

mpe117 (rep: 1) posted Dec 13, 2010


i recommend something that is not too expensive. i bought a 32" at best buy. it is a dynex and it is a very good tv. the image is clear and the sound is great. most of the time what is most expensive is the brand not the actual product

shady08 (new user) posted Dec 13, 2010


We have an LG and love it. We bought a 720p too, you really can't tell the difference except the price. Which was awesome :)

courtneyssweets (rep: 12) posted Dec 13, 2010


The Sharp Quattron looks pretty sweet, but I just wish they were making those in 3D, as well. The colors are so vivid! :-)

jarcade (rep: 2) posted Dec 13, 2010


Sony! Great brand :)

hemalaa (rep: 10.8k) posted Dec 14, 2010