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Beware - Dealsplus is a scam in my experience

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I purchased a product from a merchant through dealsplus.com and it was advertised that I would get cash back. The product I purchased was worth a few hundred dollars (US). It's been months now, but I still did not get cash back from dealsplus. I couldn't use a merchant coupon, but because I was shopping through dealsplus I couldn't use it and I could've saved some money if only I hadn't trusted dealsplus. I contacted dealsplus many times about my missing cash back, but there is no response from them. Based on my experience I want to alert people to what might be a fraud going here here. Dealsplus can prove they are not scammers and fraud by giving me my cash back I'm owed rightfully and making it right the wrong they've done here. If not, my warning to people is don't use dealsplus. Don't let these scammers take your money.
freewareonweb (L1) posted Oct 29, 2020


Your account was created in October 2020. I don't see any transaction under your Store Visit History nor Purchase History. Just like the Money Maker program, we are sending out payment for the Cashback program when they've reached min. balance. At the same time, we are detecting fraudulent transactions as well as canceled transactions.

Just in case, if you are using more than one Cashback program, check other sites for your earned credit.

And one more, the DealsPlus Cashback program is for US Residents only.

Notbad (L5) posted Oct 30, 2020


@freewareonweb i am a Non U.S Resident and whenever i make a purchase through Dealsplus i immediately see it reflects in my cashback section ( for stores that offers cashback) and even though i will never have use for it due to me being an outsider i can definitely say the cashback system works, however, you must reach a minimum of $25 to access it :)

stewartcherek (L3) posted Oct 30, 2020


I have a different account registered with dealsplus and I made the purchase on that account. I did not return or cancel the product, I still have it sitting in my home. I see the purchase in the purchase history in my account in dealsplus, but I don't see any cash back from that purchase.

@Notbad, if you are an employee of dealsplus or part of dealsplus customer service then maybe you can resolve the issue for me. Let me know.

freewareonweb (L1) posted Oct 30, 2020


I've sent several emails with no response. My money has been pending for over a month. In my experience, they are scammers, but I have several coupon code sites that payout and communicate within a timely manner. If they could prove me wrong, I would love to see my never-ending pending cash be made available for payout NOW. Otherwise, I don't recommend them.If I am wrong about them, I will return to this post and tell all of you that it's not a scam, but it's not looking good. FYI: I purchased an expensive table and chairs from Home Depot and I see them still advertising on behalf of Home Depot, don't use them..

dyanseigler (L1) posted Jul 26, 2021