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Boom! The best week of October started !!

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First year that I have to work on this discount platform in the best week of the month of October! If the big monsters Amazon and Walmart will have insurmountable discounts !! In addition to other retailers to compete !!

So this is the best week of October, and also the most competitive week among all the MMs !! I have seen that this month many old MMs have rejoined so the battle will be fought to win the best products and offers during this week !!

I wish good luck for All ! May the best win and please be clear that this week the competition will be abysmal! (sentimental people don't bother)

I would like to read the old MMs who have already been on these dates and their impressions!
dsvictor40 (L2) posted Oct 12, 2020

"Old MM?" How about age 70 and 10 years with DP?:)~
Wait 'til Black Friday sales begin. It's like the 'Hunger Games." Cut throat. Dog-eat-dog. Aggressive. Yet, it's friendly competition. (O.K. for the majority of MM.)
Better start eating your Wheaties!

EzzyLovesToSave (L5) posted Oct 12, 2020


LOL EzzyLovesToSave :) :)

newguy (L5) posted Oct 12, 2020


Wao @EzzyLovesToSave and @newguy both are Legend, are my favorite MMs! hehe

And I say old MM that have more than 5 years in the operation! hehe

And if I wanted to title the Post "The Hunger Games" haha as it is! This battle will be rude !!

Competition is always good, get the best out of each one!

dsvictor40 (L2) posted Oct 12, 2020


Nice one! @dsvictor40 ;D

EnsoSalesman (L1) posted Nov 03, 2020