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Brand vs. Price vs. Quality?

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I was having a debate with one of my colleagues about paying a premium (2-3x) for a certain product because it'll last longer than the cheap OEM ones. Would you pay a premium for a brand name product when you could get identical/similar product for less? If so, why?
TOTOOO posted Nov 19, 2010

i think it really depends on the item. for the most part, i'm fine paying less for a similar product for less, but there are a few things that i'm willing to spend a bit more on.

for instance, i used to think that any mp3 player would suffice..they all play music, but i realize now that that durability and convenience play a role. after owning an iPod touch..i can see that an mp3 player can be much more now.

sure..i still think that apple prices their items a bit high, but i can see why people purchase their laptops and stuff. i still own a pc..and i'm fine with it.

for the most part..if you can get something that's similar..why not..but keep in mind durability, ease, convenience, and all that other jazz.

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Nov 19, 2010


I don't think iPod Touch is consider a MP3 player anymore. lol

I don't know how Apple does it but they sure can market their products well. There Macbooks/Macbook Pro are like 2-3x as much as a laptop with similar specs. I mean they all work the same except they don't have Mac OSX (unless you do it yourself). I guess it really comes down to social status.

I personally think as long as its an identical/similar product then why pay more. I guess the only exception is probably life related like maybe a car or something.

PLUSME (rep: 1.6k) posted Nov 19, 2010


that's's just all relative. i offense, but i'd rather drive a bmw than a hyundai (i don't have either)..but i's not like hyundai isn't gets the job done..for cheaper..and for the probably get a lot more out of it..but yeah.

i guess you can also think about stores..would you rather buy at a big name store or a no-name store? why?

but yeah..mp3 players aren't what they used to's crazy what they can do nowadays :P

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Nov 19, 2010


Yeah, I'd rather pay the more expensive price on things because it'll last longer. But it all depends on what the thing I'm purchasing is!

mtvzgirl (rep: 3.5k) posted Nov 19, 2010


I really don't believe in more expensive things last longer. I mean I think they are all the same. It's the brand that stands out. For example, I don't get what's the difference between a $0.99 OEM HDMI cable and a $99.99 Monster HDMI Cable? I mean the quality are all the same.

TOTOOO (rep: 50.7k) posted Nov 19, 2010


Monster is a joke just like BOSE. My brother in law thought he was all hot shit when he bought his BOSE setup. Hes the kind of guy that always has to try and one up you like we are in sixth grade. So he ran out and bought a BOSE 9.1 system or whatever the hell that thing is "yo come check out my new audio system" im like yeah it cute, next time you come over I will actuall push my Pioneer to -20db since youve never actually felt or heard it to even half limit yet. But thats the kind of person who pays for this stuff. The person who thinks they need to have the best even though they really dont know what they are talking about. I buy all my cable from Monoprice, and might have all of maybe $90 in my entire setup and that includes the wall mount tv, wall plates and all cables.

As far as ipods, I have had 2 wasnt impressed. My daughter now has one and still, not impressed. I have a 6 year old Cowon that absolutely destroys it because the one thing is does is play music and does it incredibly.

So it all boils down to taste, what exact kind of product were talking about. Would I rather an official Wii remote or a chinese knockoff from Meritline? I want the real thing. Very rarely does a company copy another company's idea and do it successfully.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Nov 19, 2010