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Buried deals

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Can you kindly explain why some deals are marked as buried?
snehaonakshi (L1) posted Aug 12, 2020

Most of the time it's because they are duplicates of already posted deals.

isuruupekshe (L1) posted Aug 12, 2020


Well, but if it is not mentioned as duplicate at the beginning, how could we know that it is a duplicate deal?

snehaonakshi (L1) posted Aug 12, 2020



Notbad (L5) posted Aug 12, 2020


Okay thank you very much @isuruupekshe and @Notbad :)

snehaonakshi (L1) posted Aug 12, 2020

Light Deals

Hello Community,

I am super disappointed in the injustice that was applied to me today, I want to upload good offers from popular stores since that is what the rules of the page say. I have had problems uploading things from the ALDI store because the user @ prince16 pream is selfish and thinks he is god here in DP.

Please Mr. @Notbad help me know that you are fair and can place order.

Today I uploaded the ALDI week ad as I like to upload them because they are very popular, wait longing for ALDI to publish its new changes and immediately publish the offers. In the same way I was aware of the profile of @ prince16 that he had not uploaded or updated anything, so I said thank God this week I can have my correct offers.

But later the following happened, the week ad from 19 to 25 Buried was placed, for no reason no one can explain it to me. Then some admin put buried the week ad from 12 to 18 of prince16 of this current week because mine had been published first. Turns out that in what I logged in today, my other offer had also been placed Buried.

This opportunity is not being fair, I placed 2 week ad offers and both were buried.

I am guided by the community rules, in the forum this post is where it clearly says that you can create a new deal or update the existing one. In previous weeks I updated the existing one and the user prince16 began to cry.

Read this Post:
I quote: N2a. MM can submit a new deal or update original post - First deal * will be honored

Here it clearly says that it can be done, on other occasions prince creates a new agreement of any offer and the admins agree with him because this time they do not take my work into account. You have more tools like admins, you can see the date I published this agreement and the other one that placed me buried and you will see that I WIN.

Here also the Sweet Lemon Admin says that weekly offers can be created separately.

I quote what sweet lemon says: "Generally speaking, it's always better to create a separate deal for upcoming offers w / all the details and expiration date included."

Please, enough of the abuse and fear that the MM prince16 makes other MMs suffer, with me he is not the only one who has problems, he always lives reporting offers, wanting to win and molding the rules in his favor.

My published offers were:



Light Deals (L2) posted Aug 12, 2020



As responded on DM, the lead admin's decision was right & aug-19-25 has been re-published (please remind admin by making a comment on your deal)

Notbad (L5) posted Aug 13, 2020