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Buying coupons to save more?

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What do you guys think of buying coupons to save more? For me, I tend to buy a lot of coupons to save more. For example, staples always have the $25 off $75 coupon. They usually cost $1.25 or so $25>$1.25? Just Yesterday, I just purchased a coupon that enables me to get 20% off (any amount) gift card at Purchased a gift card of $450 for $360 since I needed a pair of shoes and gf wanted to find great deals on UGGs and North Face (as you know there are hardly any discounts for those brands). NO tax at basically seals the deal for me. Its basically 20% off gift card purchase + 10% tax = 30% savings off anything at eastbay. The reason why I ask this is because I've seen so many complaints here on how its stupid/not a deal when you have to purchase your own coupon. I think as long as the coupon price does not exceed discounted price then getting then why not?
TOTOOO posted Nov 10, 2010

To me it depends on the item. I see a lot of food coupons that came from the Sunday paper or similar source that people are trying to sell on eBay. Those I don't like. Additionally, if the coupon expires shortly after the purchase time, I don't think the value is really evident.

Your Eastbay savings is a little different story. Since you bought a discounted gift card, that shouldn't expire, so you can continue to save your 20% on every purchase until it's gone. Additionally, you can probably use a coupon for the purchase, then pay with your gift certificate and multiply the savings.

I'm getting a bit annoyed with to many retailers popping up that claim to sell gift certificates, ship you something that says gift certificate, then is redeemed by the merchant as a coupon. That usually prohibits the use of another coupon being used in conjunction without warning. I had a recent experience like this with a local dry cleaner for whom I purchased gift certificates. Turned out they couldn't be used with the tailor, couldn't be used with my 10% off loyalty card, couldn't be used for more than one item... All those restrictions sound like a coupon, but no restrictions were listed because it was marked as a gift certificate.

That's just one instance. Overall, I'm on the fence about buying coupons. I only like buying them when I'll be using it immediately and the savings outweigh the cost of said savings. I'll buy a discounted gift certificate (like your Eastbay one) as long as it's really a gift certificate.

Perkalicious11 (rep: 4.9k) posted Nov 10, 2010


I updated a deal that was somewhat similar for Amazon gift cards
but I'm not sure what to think about the site. I guess the "rebate" portion makes me apprehensive. No feedback besides "well, good if you're going to spend it" and similar via comments yet.

I also get emails from
where you can purchase discounted GCs. Stock fluctuates throughout the day, so sometimes it's a bunch of big ticket cards. (Who really needs $200 to Wendy's?!)
I've debated if this would be a good investment, though.
...not Wendy's, but the other stores. ;)

Perkalicious11 (rep: 4.9k) posted Nov 10, 2010


i think it's fine to buy coupons. in the end, you're saving money..and that's the point =).

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Nov 10, 2010


I've done this in the past when planning a big purchase. Definitely worth buying a coupon if it means saving a significant amount. You just have to be careful on where and who you buy from since there are so many scammers.

chuckydealpl (rep: 59.7k) posted Nov 10, 2010


I am a big fan of Coupon, from food stuff to clothing you name it. But I always scan the internet for printable never buy.

mdgirl (rep: 7.1k) posted Nov 10, 2010


Yeah i usually try to buy gift certificates on Ebay and try to use them when purchasing items. Every little bit helps. Only problem is that you usually pay 90% of the gift card. As for coupons it is sometimes a good idea to buy them if you can't get them from such sites as or


deal (rep: 7k) posted Nov 16, 2010