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can anyone tell me what determine the rank of deals in

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can anyone tell me what determine the rank of deals in,price,title,fans,plus,or keywords,thank you very much!
haoyun posted Dec 12, 2011

The plus ratings.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Dec 12, 2011


Well, to begin with there are at least no official ranking system for the deals yet. Usually front page deals are considered to be the "Steals" or at least "the best of the web". Deal finders try to get the best deals posted before others and make it to front page. Now if you find a great deal you will automatically get "plus"ed by the viewers. The more pluses you get, more chances to make it to the front page.
But its not always the case. For e.g. a breaking news or something really funny "Buying a NASA space shuttle for a Million $" or similar things can also make it to the front page easily.
(Now the spoiler; sometimes (or frequently ?) it is seen that deals which make it to the front page are not always the greatest!, but they still make it to the front page with helping hands from your fans/and friendly accounts).

So the summary is "the more you search, the more you find..the more you find,the more you post...the more you post, the more the chances of you scoring a front page deal...the more you make it front page, the more $s you make...the more $s you make, the more you...", well do I have to right everything here ?

Peace. Goodnight!

-ShiningDream ;-)

ShiningDream (rep: 2.1k) posted Dec 12, 2011


i totally agree with what ShiningDream says,it is so exactly!

xiaohuang (rep: 12) posted Dec 12, 2011