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Can the mods come up with a better way to "handle" duplicate" deal posts?

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I understand it isn't fair to the users who have posted the deal already to have someone else come and post it again but there should be a better way to inform and moderate than having to have other users point it out.

I,myself, search to make sure a deal hasn't been posted but often times do not find it has only to have a user comment the deal has in fact already been posted. On the other hand, I find other users who post duplicate deals and it doesn't seem to be pointed out to them. 

I simply would like the site to stay fair as to give the original poster the recognition of their work and have the duplicate poster find an easier way to know they are posting a duplicate deal (and not do so).

My question is, can there be a better way to prevent duplicate deals so these the original poster can reap the benefits and users do not have to inform other users they have wasted their time posting a duplicate deal?
LokaFreeThings2 (L4) posted Nov 18, 2012

All you have to do is flag the deal as a DUPLICATE.

krmills1 (L5) posted Nov 18, 2012


I think everyone knows it's an issue, but as of right now DP doesn't have a better solution unfortunately

bbattag (L5) posted Nov 18, 2012


I usually leave a comment saying dup and the link to the other deal and then flag the deal as a duplicate... I am sure at some point they will work out a better system but I don't think the current system is too bad..

nimase85 (L5) posted Nov 18, 2012


I was under the impression that flagging was going to cause a user to be punished in some way but I have learned this is the option for pointing out duplicate deals. I have tried to read everything I can to abide by the sites terms but I am still learning and appreciate the helpful comments:)

LokaFreeThings2 (L4) posted Nov 18, 2012


I don't think people mind if they are informed of a duplicate deal, at least i don't. I am just as guilty posting dupes occasionally even though it may not come up as such or from a quick search. I don't take it personally if someone posts a duplicate of my posts. Flagged or not its all good. Don't sweat it and hope you find some great deals to post.

And wouldn't it be funny if we can punish someone by flagging them. :)

chuckydealpl (L5) posted Nov 19, 2012


I can deal with duplicate deals, just by using the flag button.

mdgirl (L5) posted Nov 19, 2012


Hahaha @Chuckydealpl! Thanks for that! lol
I just didn't want to get anyone in trouble and didn't know that flagging a deal was a way to notify people it was a duplicate but I'm glad I asked lol:)

LokaFreeThings2 (L4) posted Nov 19, 2012


got no response for flagging sometimes. It would be nice if mods would post comment why they don''t think a deal is a dup when you flagged it.

dddsss (L5) posted Feb 16, 2013


I have unknowingly duplicated a few posts and someone was kind enough to let me know...BUT, I just learned today how to mark my post as EXPIRED...so yes, please be patient with us Newbies!

Now I need to learn how to flag a post as a duplicate. That's new to me as well :)

minamesk (L5) posted Feb 17, 2013


@minamesk I'm still a newbie too so I get it! I have just learned to take it with a grain of salt now. I have learned to do the expired too. It def. is a learning process but mostly, I think it's unintentional. I think.. lol

LokaFreeThings2 (L4) posted Feb 18, 2013


I agree with the opinion of LokaFreeThings2 and the thing usually come to me.

Rosaura1234 (L3) posted Feb 18, 2013


I just asked this on another thread, but what happens if, when posting a deal, the suggested duplicate is already expired? Is it expected that it gets edited, if it is expired, is a new deal acceptable?

DealLeader (L5) posted Feb 18, 2013


Updating has always been the recommended "path to enlightenment."

omegafemale (L5) posted Feb 18, 2013


@omegafemale, updating seems absolutely reasonable. But an expired deal? Shouldn't the burden to update an expired deal fall on the OP?

DealLeader (L5) posted Feb 18, 2013


One thing that would greatly enhance the whole process is to display a time stamp next to the last action (the system shows the last two modifiers of a deal). Right now it shows how many minutes, or how many hours, or how many days (and it uses the timestamp in the DB to display that calculation).

If the time stamp was there, showing the last modification date/time, it would lead to better precision about who did what when.

DealLeader (L5) posted Feb 18, 2013


re: "updating burden on OP" ...if an expired deal can be updated, you should...un-expire, and add any new codes, expiration date etc. Many can not, because the link no longer works. Those should be flagged with a bad link left in the message box.

In the same vein, don't assume a link is still valid, and tack on a new coupon. Sites upgrade their URLs all the time...many are exclusive for only a matter of days.

Some sites have a limited quantity of an item that they have listed with different URLs...reflect that in your title, to be able to continue with what appears as a duplicate.

If you've inadvertently posted a duplicate, and need to expire, think about changing the title (if you can) to the word "Duplicate"...that will let shoppers know the item is still available via a different post...you could add the link to that post in comments.

I think the current system of flagging deals is working just fine.
I've searched, and not found, an item.
I proceed to Submit, it shows it "may" be a duplicate.
I click on that (top of Submitting page), and the possible duplicate opens as the DealsPlus page in a new tab.
Then I click on that post's "See It".
If the "See It" takes me to the item I was going to post, I update if needed, and close out the tab I was submitting on.
If the item does not show up, I click on "Flag this deal" ...you now put in why you are flagging...Link goes to main page, Error, or a different item entirely.

glwrks (L5) posted Feb 18, 2013


that was a good answer glwrks i think it covers most of the questions

rd995 (L5) posted Feb 18, 2013