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Changing Picture on Updated Deal

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Does anyone know if there is a way to change the picture if you update a post? (someone elses,not your own) As far as I have seen you can only change your own posts pictures however occasionally I come across posts that I update  but cannot change the picture. Either because the product has changed or sometimes I find a more appropriate picture. I thought about contacting a MOD but don't want to be a pain,besides not sure of the time frame it would take to have it changed.   Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Trish
xptrish posted Sep 26, 2012

I wish there was a way - but at this time you have to ask a mod to change it for you.

FibroMom (rep: 244k) posted Sep 26, 2012


That's what I thought Thank you!

xptrish (rep: 101k) posted Sep 26, 2012


Aside from changing the picture, you can always post the deal as New and have the new updated post with the picture you want. It should pass after review from the Mods.

chuckydealpl (rep: 59.7k) posted Sep 26, 2012


Whenever I do that I get a message from Mods telling me NOT do it as new just to edit it.
I don't want to go against what they tell me and risk getting kicked off.
But seems like I ( we) should be allowed to do it considering the option is there,otherwise what's the point?

xptrish (rep: 101k) posted Sep 26, 2012


Leave a comment with a link to the image. You could address the comment to the Mods, "Mods, please change..." and they will change it...or possibly the original poster will if they're on site & check their notifications. Changing the image does not affect MM as far as I can tell, so if a better image is available to an edited deal it would benefit original poster & updater.
example: a price drop on a different color.

glwrks (rep: 124k) posted Sep 26, 2012


Kind of a hassle to have to go through all those steps when you get the same end result.
Perhaps they can just revise that "policy".
Although it doesn't say we can't do it but when a MOD writes and TELLS me to EDIT and not make it a new deal one has to wonder why?
No explanation was given.
perhaps they have to approve the deal if its created as NEW on an existing?
But if I have to send them a link then it isn't really saving them any time because they still have to Take the time to add the picture.
It would be more efficient all the way around if we could just change the pictures ourselves.

xptrish (rep: 101k) posted Sep 26, 2012


I always just leave a comment saying "please update image" and the image link and either the post creator or the mods update it :)

nimase85 (rep: 16.2k) posted Sep 26, 2012


I know...some people pick the worst avatars for the deal....then you are stuck with it.

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Sep 26, 2012