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Closing stores

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There are so many stores that are getting closed these days. I feel we should have a separate section for this. It would be very easy to shop finding this kind off information. I heard Sears is closing here is the link I found!!! Shoppers who are in those cities which are mentioned in the list would be really lucky!!! Happy shopping!!! Deals plus please think about opening a new tab for Closing Stores and would be nice if we have subscriptions of that....
sravanthi1439 posted Jan 16, 2012

Ya, but the liquidators these companies hire now almost erase any prospect of a good deal. They slap 10% off on something and try to tell you it's a great deal.

jdswirsky (rep: 3.6k) posted Jan 16, 2012


As of yet, I don't think there is a need for a tab just for store closings. I'm not sure people would routinely visit or look at it just to check. I think for now if a store is closing the best option is to post it in the news section or here in the ask & share section.

Sadly, often -at least around here- the stores aren't liquidating like they used to. They are shipping most of their non-sold stuff off to other stores or selling it off in bulk to someone. Going out of business sales just aren't what they used to be. :-(

MHT962 (rep: 3.3k) posted Jan 16, 2012


ok... Where can we find the info that which stores are closing (going out of business) and when and where etc...

sravanthi1439 (rep: 60) posted Jan 16, 2012


You should be able to just type in "store closings" (either in the "Ask & Share" section or the "Deals" section) to get a listing of or see the news post about the bigger chain stores that have announced closings. It seems like there's been maybe one or two major chain stores a quarter.

If there is a big deal that can be had at one of the main stores online, I don't doubt that specific deal will be posted here.

For local stores, your best bet is to read you local yahoo news or watch tv. I don't think people here want to sort through every mom and pop store in everyone's local city and county just to maybe find something near them closing. I could be wrong and obviously it's an idea. I just think there are other "tabs" that would be more beneficial to this site.

And as I mentioned, I think you may be surprised that many of the stores that are closing are not going to have fire sales. There's a major chain store branch closing near me -- I went in there to try to get some items donated for a charity. They told me they weren't even marking down any items, that they were just sending items to other stores. I'm sure each store is different but you can't always expect great deals. I went to a different store closing and their closing prices were laughable (as in not even deals) -they too were sending their left over merchandise to other locations.

MHT962 (rep: 3.3k) posted Jan 16, 2012


year, it is a good idea. It will bring convenience to us.

Tina12345 (rep: 1) posted Jan 16, 2012


nice suggestions,it is much more convenient for us!

zhn2011zhn (rep: 978) posted Jan 16, 2012


Great suggestion.

moon123 (rep: 5) posted Jan 16, 2012


if we do so, it will be nice ~~~

lovelife2012 (rep: 26) posted Jan 17, 2012