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Coupon Matchups!!! Why pay when u can get it for free???

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The best way to save tons is to matchup up your coupons with the currents week sales. Sale items make for great deals but matching them with coupons makes for extreme deals!!! You can even get items for free or even better, get PAID to buy them. Crazy right? Oh indeed it is but you'll be saving a crazy amount of money all for just getting things you'd normally get anyways. For example: this week at CVS they are running a promo on Oral B power toothbrush, buy one for $5.99 and get $3 rewards. Now match that with a $3 coupon, pay 2.99 and get a $3 reward, making this FREE!! Wow!! Rewards can be used for anything in the, makeup, tp. Once you become savvy with the deals you'll be able to really walk out with bags full of stuff for a few bucks or even for nothing. The best site to check out to help u get started (it def helped me!) is That site covers it all from how to keep you coupons organized to where to use that great coupon. Couponing is as hard as a chocolate covered marshmallow, why not give it a try??
feliziap posted Jul 05, 2011