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Coupon tip

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Before I head to any store, whether for groceries or retail purchase, I always look for coupons and see store specials before buying anything. Steps: 1. Check for local store ads and coupons. Some local grocery stores only mail their ads along with coupons inserts so you cannot find them on the internet. Most retailers will have their store coupons online from their website (e.g. Target). 2. Check for store ads for instant rebates or mail-in-rebates. Some rebates are available online, while others are at the store itself. Rite Aid tends to have a lot of rebates and are usually good with processing their rebates. 3. Check coupons websites (e.g.,, etc.) and see if there are manufacture coupons I can print and take with me. Most grocery stores and retailers will accept manufacture coupons. If you want double couponing, Ralphs grocery stores have that policy. They will double your manufacture coupons up to $1. Another method to get manufacture coupons is via the product brand website or you can them on facebook. If the store have a rewards program, I recommend you sign up for their program because they will email you exclusive coupons or even a free money voucher to use at their store. For example, Staples just emailed me a $5 voucher/coupon for any purchase (no min.) to be use at the store or online. Babies R Us done the same for me a few months ago. The biggest bang for your buck is eating free or half price at your local restaurants. It's common that we see food freebies flying around on the internet, but going directly to the restaurant's website and sign up for their member's club has its benefit. For example, Mimi's Cafe offers FREE breakfast for joining.
unikki420 posted Jul 05, 2011