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Couponing Tips For the Next Grocery Trip

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The people in Extreme couponing are definitely real and although you may not be as passionate about it as they are, there are some ways you can get a little more bang for your buck. But also keep in mind about being realistic in both budget and savings. Most of us probably won't get to the amazing savings in the ninety percents, so to be in the safe zone, shopping UNDER budget may also be recommended but it all depends on how much you trust yourself. Happy Couponing! :) Tip #1 Make Use of Spreadsheets Programs like Excel are usable to help with organization with math features that are optimal for the saving shopper. There you can organize your items into groups by food and calculate how much you intend to spend versus how much coupons will save you. Even if you are not tech saavy, there are templates available online that you can download. It's obviously not a requirement, but a very nice convenience. Tip#2 Group Your Coupons Another tip of convenience and time saving is to group your coups whether it be by store or item or any other way. Not only does this alleviate pressure from you, it also helps the cashier! You don't have to be fancy and buy a three ring binder. Paperclips work wonders! Tip #3 Use the Internet Of course! The Internet can be a good friend if you use it right. Many sites offer coupons and special "member" deals by signing their emailing list. It's not even a real sacrifice depending on personal management. Tip #4 Watch that Box! Be careful when you throw that package away. Some packages or wraps make contain coupons in a Boxtops for Education type way. Remember those freebies in the cereal box? Point made. :) Tip #5 A little flattery never hurts.... Another way of receiving coupons is by personally contacting the Brand saying how much you appreciate or like their product. Usually they'll send something in return along with a thank you. It's not one-hundred percent, but it can lead to satisfaction when you get a response. Thanks for reading and I hope these help you as much as they help me and my friends. Good luck. Bueno suerte! .
jercshore posted Jul 14, 2011