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CVS & Walgreens - SAVE A TON...

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I won't get into the specifics, but both CVS and Walgreens have "store bucks" programs where they give you store credits for purchases. It's basically a customer loyalty program. The kicker is that there are many websites available that show you exactly how to maximize these savings benefits. You can simply google "CVS couponing" or "Walgreens couponing" and you'll find a lot of sites that show how to utilize these programs. is a great site to start at that explains how those programs work. is also a good one... I personally do not use this, but I have seen the receipts and can vow that my wife consistently purchases $20+ worth of items for ~$2. This includes many brand name items. I'm amazed when I come home to a counter full of shampoo, razors, shaving cream, deodorant, etc. etc.... and she spent a total of $2. We did this to a point where our cabinets were full, and then we shared our savings with friends and family. Shelters and churches will also take donated items provided they're still sealed. There are even groups devoted to "couponing for charity." BTW, if this tip is chosen, the IPAD2 belongs to my wife not me. She totally deserves it for the money she's saved us with her coupons. :) Good Luck - & Happy Couponing.
Texas_Aggie posted Jun 24, 2011

please keep in mind some of these sites can have wrong information. When I worked at walgreens I've had customers spit and throw things at me for a coupon not working the way a website said. Be nice to the clerk and if you use these coupons ring up in cosmetics.

Sarinnanashi (rep: 10) posted Jun 24, 2011


Yeah, ringing up in cosmetics is a good idea, but also visiting in the slower hours (i.e. not from 5-8 pm)... when the store isn't crowded helps. In many cases, you have to request to ring up purchases separately to generate the "bucks" needed to get the true value. Doing this at peak business times not only ticks off the employees, but also aggravates other consumers who would be waiting in line behind you.

Texas_Aggie (rep: 3.5k) posted Jun 24, 2011


Good point. I always try to be nice and smile with the clerks. Several times I've even had a manager at CVS "make" a coupon work that the system spit out just because of being a nice guy.

BigJJ (rep: 21.7k) posted Jun 24, 2011


Once you get the hang of it (Shopping at CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid) you will have GREAT deals. My last CVS shopping trip, purchased over $48 worth of product, and only paid a total of $1.86 cents plus tax out of pocket, PLUS still had over $6 in Extra Care Bucks to do my shopping this week. It does work, join a CVS blog group, learn how its done. It does work, But unlike others, I only buy what I need and use!

wptbound (rep: 5.6k) posted Jun 24, 2011


Here is an example - it's from 2007 so it's dated, but this lady buys a Glucose monitor, a gallon of milk, and a first aid kit spending ~$25. She utilizes $24 worth of coupons and spends ~$1 out of pocket. She then gets back $10 in store credit for her next trip.

So lets recap... that's a $20 glucose monitoring system (if someone in your family has diabetes that's a nice deal), a gallon of milk, and a miniature first aid kit (great for a glove box)... FOR A DOLLAR. .... AND she now has $10 in credit for her next visit:

Texas_Aggie (rep: 3.5k) posted Jun 28, 2011


Two more things you might not be aware of...

#1 - You can print your CVS Extracare awards online... so if you misplace this them, or forgot them at home, but have access to a printer at work, you can pull them up.

#2 - CVS is also affiliated with the SavingStar program: This program lets you store coupons on your loyalty program card (typically works for Kroger too!) This prevents you from having to fumble around looking for paper printed coupons, and lets you do all the work digitally.

Texas_Aggie (rep: 3.5k) posted Jun 30, 2011


My wife emailed me this over the weekend... this was her latest visit:

Shick hydro razor – Reg price $9.99 – Sale $8
Shick hydro blades – Reg price $12.49 – Sale $8.79
Bayer Advanced Aspirin – Reg price $4.29 – Sale $3
Hershey Air Delight - $1.19

Total Regular Price - $30.27
Total Sale Price - $22.71

Coupons - $4 off razor, $2 off blades, $2 off aspirin, ‘free’ candy bar

Total after coupons - $12.76
Minus $10 in on-hand extra care Bucks

Total OOP - $2.04…. AND it generated $9 in bucks for next time.

Texas_Aggie (rep: 3.5k) posted Jul 05, 2011