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Deal or No Deal? What do you think?

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So, this crossed my mind going through different deals... at what point do you consider a deal a true deal? Many sites use bogus prices as their "Regular Prices" - and then make you think you are REALLY getting a deal with their sale prices - but a little research can tell you that the percentage they show off is really a big fat lie... so Do YOU research prices before you buy - or jump at the percentage off?

And what about posted deals? Many times I see a site advertising something for "said prices" as their price - when it is actually LOWER than the sale price of another sites... will you be more tempted to buy it from a site that shows an inflated "regular price" with a sale price of  "$$" - or buy it at the low regular price of another site - even though that site doesn't show that you are getting a deal?

If I see "said object" at a certain price for "said price" as just their plain old price - but research and find that it is quite a bit lower than it is being sold on other sites - I try to state that in my write up of the deal - so people can see that it IS IN FACT REALLY a DEAL... do you do this? Does the comparison of other site's prices make you more apt to buy the item from the site that doesn't show an inflated original price? Do you tend to impulse buy or research?
FibroMom (L5) posted Jan 18, 2014

I think the general population jumps at the percentage off. The best example is JCPenney.

They got rid of coupons a few years back and went to a pure pricing model. The prices were based off market research and were actually price matched accordingly to their competitors. Sales dropped a TON.

Long story short, CEO gets canned, they bring back coupons, sales jump up again. What's funny is that some analysts did price research and the new prices with coupons are on average HIGHER than what they were before.

MikeHaggar (L4) posted Jan 18, 2014


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aluiza91 (L1) posted May 06, 2014