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Deal Update - Query for Understanding

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I have this confusion, appreciate if someone could clarify: 1. If another user updates my deals, the ownership of the deal changes. Do I get any advantage out of it, or I have lost the deal? 2. If another user updates the already updated deal, like I was the one who inputted the deal, User 2 updated my deal and then User 3 updated the deals, which was shown in the name of User 2, will I get any advantage out of it then. And can I trace the deals where multiple users have updated my deal, and now the deal is in their own name. In a nutshell, do I lose the ownership of the deal which has been updated once or multiple times and is there any advantage that I get owing to these updates? Regards,
hipsterstore (L0) posted Jun 02, 2020

1. You and MM who updated your deal share new earned credits (50/50). However, if any admin updates your deal, you will keep 100% of new credits.

2. Your question is not clear, but let me try to answer them. If there are multiple MMs involve with the same the, the last two approved MMs will share new credits (50/50) - admin will apply & update an existing deal with new information, if they are valid & worthy.

Keep in mind that you can always update existing deal with new info (i.e. big price drop or additional discount with new prompt code) & bring back expired deals to earn more.

Notbad (L5) posted Jun 02, 2020


Good information to have.

DivaToya (L2) posted Jun 02, 2020


Thanks @Notbad .. I just realized that my explanation was not that good :D still you managed to answer.

Thanks anyways. Now I got it


hipsterstore (L0) posted Jun 02, 2020