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Deals,links and duplicates..

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Noticed many of the same DEALS here but from different sources. I am confused why they are not considered duplicates or are they? I just have been feeling very confused by this whole site lately, seems like we are all over the place, no consistency and many of the same deals but from different sources..Anybody else confused lately by the goings on??? I will give a quick example, say I found a deal and posted it today (Sunday) it was for a free can of a new roast beef flavored pedigree dog food all you have to do was fill out the form and hit submit I found it on Come Tuesday I see another version of this posted but this time from a link from takes you to the "free roast beef flavored can of dog food". Thursday a version is posted from Petco, same exact deal. So three different links for the same exact deal are posted and I see this all the time. My question is how is it handled when the same DEAL is posted but from multiple sources? Why do I often see the same deal over and over again with various pluses and from a different source? So many great deals are lost with all these multiples!! Any thoughts? How about some proactive and positive feedback!!
branie posted Feb 13, 2011

I recently got 3 of the same dog food samples using 3 different stores' links. I was kinda suprised & lucky as the offers looked so much alike. [not all of these originated for me on]
Maybe each store had access to x number of samples/coupons from this manufacturer.
But I do get what you mean on the dupes. Now I sometimes search to make sure I'm plussing the 1st or most accurate post/link.
I also noticed a deal I posted under "Valentine's Day" was later posted under "Freebies". I didn't flag it, as if it helps a visitor find it, isn't that what is all about?

glwrks (rep: 124k) posted Feb 13, 2011


glwrks-Excellent point & how lucky you did get all 3 samples!!

branie (rep: 129k) posted Feb 13, 2011


You'll notice that walmart & target often have identical freebies that you can get both. I think that depends on the company sometimes. (dove doesnt allow it)
And if there's 2 deals for a similar product at 2seperate stores it may be useful considering your preference of where to shop. It does get tedious when browsing through so many things that look alike.... Snooze

bboggs (rep: 344) posted Feb 14, 2011


I guess my real question is if they deal (meaning the item, coupon freebie etc.. whatever the case maybe is found by person A. Then people B & C find the same exact deal (different link or whatever) should maybe the FIRST deal be updated with other ways to get the deal, instead or multiple posts of the same deal? Less confusing, less posts and it will free up some space for the deals that we miss because of the "duplicate" deals!!

branie (rep: 129k) posted Feb 14, 2011


I just put in this question that is similar. I found 2 other deals like mine and 1 front paged. they said mine is first and got rid of 1 duplicate but left the other because it was in a diffrent catagory that was also correct :(

solowkoe (rep: 5.7k) posted Feb 14, 2011